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40 Instagram Fitness Models That’ll Inspire You To Get In Shape And Stay Fit


40 Instagram Fitness Models That’ll Inspire You To Get In Shape And Stay Fit

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Being fit is quite a continuous topic among women. And despite the body positivity movement, which fights for the plus-size, most people naturally admire fitness models and seek to emulate their healthy appearance. Thankfully, Instagram is now the place for fitness fanatics and trainers, many of whom have astonishing followers. The platform is the jackpot of workout motivation and healthy living tips, including workouts ranging from HIIT, strength training, and even cardio.

Each fitness models or perhaps instructors on Instagram offer their unique content, and this can be as simple as posting photos of a healthy breakfast with a caption linking to the recipe. It could also be a video tutorial on how to embark on a particular exercise or before vs. after photos to inspire people, including YOU, to lose some weight. Here we’ve compiled some of the hottest Instagram fitness models for some inspiration. The one common feature is that all are incredibly popular and the best at what they do. Enjoy!

Sylvie Meis.

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A post shared by Sylvie Meis (@sylviemeis)

Sylvie Meis, who had been crowned Netherland’s Sexiest Female of 2003, is a Dutch TV celebrity. But then, she has been using Instagram to flaunt her trim figure. Interestingly, Meis owns a German marketing agency and her line of engagement rings, making her a true entrepreneur.

Demi Rose. 

Demi Rose isn’t afraid of the camera, especially as she grows in popularity, flaunting her curvy figures on Instagram. The British model had kicked off her career as a fitness fanatic when she started posing in sexy lingerie for international magazines. 

Bruna Rangel Lima.

Bruna Rangel Lima, the Brazilian beauty, enjoys posing in sultry lingerie and keeping a diary of her time in Los Angeles. Do you aspire to have a body like hers? If YES, she provides a lot of training and nutrition advice on Instagram.

Ashleigh Jordan.

This young fitness fanatic shares videos focused on body parts and whole-body workouts. Ashleigh offers some fun workouts if you want to lift weights with your partner. She’s a must-follow on Instagram.

Pamela Reif.

Pamela, a German beauty who uses Instagram to motivate her followers to achieve their fitness goals, enjoys sharing exercise videos and dietary advice. She is a published author, and due to the success of her health and fitness book, she has been awarded Fitness Influencer of the Year!

Tammy Hembrow.

Tammy rose to Instagram fame after documenting her fitness journey during her first pregnancy. Now, the mom of two enjoys speaking about her ever-changing athletic goals and dietary habits.

Elizabeth Zaks.

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A post shared by Elizabeth Zaks (@elizabethzaks)

When Elizabeth of Florida isn’t blogging about her workout routines, the health icon, brand ambassador, and model tend to flaunt off her toned physique in sexy bikini pics on Instagram.

Daisy Keech. 

On Instagram, this fitness model and influencer from California regularly leave her audience in awe. Interestingly, Fashion Nova Clothing, MANSCAPED, and Ko-Watches have endorsed her because of her lovely, all-American beauty and diminutive beauty frame. She had even posed in a photo with Marshmellow, the famous DJ!

Dannielle Robertson.

The law student and fitness trainer is a stunning beauty. Dannielle is about empowering women to accept and appreciate their bodies. Her workouts are appropriate for people of all fitness levels, and she has her clothing line.

Amelie Schröpfer.

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A post shared by AMELIE 🦋 (@amelie.xoxo)

German model Amelie is a fashionista, and her Instagram page filled with images of her in her favorite swimsuits and cute fitness outfits says it all. She’s downright one of the hottest Instagram fitness models you’ll want to follow for tips. 

Yaslen Clemente.

This Latina fitness model poses in sultry photoshoots that show off her toned body. If she isn’t at the gym working tirelessly, Yaslen can be seen lounging in the pool or on her way to a night out with friends.

Taylor Kay.

This English fitness model loves to post-exercise tips, videos of her workout routines, and reviews of the trendiest workout clothing. It’s safe to say her Instagram can help you with your desired body or shape. 


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A post shared by Evelina 💗 (@byevelina_)

This model loves to share easy, delicious recipes to help you stay healthy. Her simple yet effective workouts regularly shared on Instagram can be squeezed into even the busiest schedules. 

Jena Frumes. 

Apart from her enviable drop-dead stunning looks, Frume’s Instagram is filled with adventure photos as she surrounds herself with celebrities, including R&B singer Jason Derulo. 

Soph Allen. 

This Australian beauty is a qualified physical trainer and nutritional coach, and she can help you with anything fitness-related. When she’s not posing in the gym, you can find her being photographed on beautiful beaches. 


This model is passionate about using exercise to change people’s lives. STRONG&SXYTM is the name of her app, which includes personalized dietary plans and quick, on-the-go workouts that can be done anywhere.

Krissy Cela.

Cela has a long list of fitness accomplishments. She’s a published health author and a sponsored athlete for Women’s Best. The model has since launched her Tone & Sculpt app and sportswear line.

Chanel Coco Brown.

This popularly known lifestyle blogger has dedicated her career to the fashion and cosmetics industries. She began her modeling career in London, where she appeared in various print advertising, periodicals, and runway shows. 

Stephanie Sanzo.

Since 2013, Stephanie has been devoted to fitness modeling, and her Instagram following has continued to grow with millions of followers. People naturally admire her for being a strong female role model who isn’t afraid to work hard to achieve her goals.

Lauren Simpson.

Lauren’s platinum blonde hair, golden brown complexion, and pink outfits make her look like a real-life Barbie. However, thanks to her fitness routines, the sultry fitness model shot to Instagram fame quickly. 

Alice Klomp.

Klomp is a highly successful fitness model with a killer body. If you follow her on Instagram, you will get a glimpse of her life as a fitness enthusiast.


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Jordan is a mom to twins, but you would never have guessed with the photos seen on her Instagram page. After giving birth, the model jumped right back into her regular workout routine, which helped her reclaim her slim, toned figure in what seemed like no time.

Savannah Prez.

This Belgium bodybuilder was crowned the BIFBB Belgian Bikini champion in 2015. The moment has since motivated Savannah to pursue a career in strength training. 

Sonia Isaza.

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A post shared by Sonia Isaza (@niaisazaoficial)

Sanzo is a dedicated bodybuilder from Columbia, and indeed her dedication to strength, brash demeanor, and edgy appearance have won her millions of followers!

Abby Rao. 

Abby rose to fame on Instagram due to her sassy swimwear photos, and she’s frequently seen posing with her beautiful pet Chihuahua. Notably, she got committed to her passion for physical fitness after being chosen as a Fashion Nova ambassador.

Guusje Van Geel.

Guusje, the Dutch model, is proud of her powerful and toned physique. She enjoys having rocking abs rather than aiming for a “beautiful and skinny” body. She’s also your sure bet to get into that desired body shape.

Anita Herbert.

Herbert will make you want to work hard to have a body that’s well-sculpted as hers. She encourages her Instagram followers to join in her booty ab and leg challenges and urges them to add some friendly completion to their workout routines. 

Valentina Lequeux.

Lequeux is an expert at making bold statements. Her Instagram account will astound you with stunning images of her toned body as she often poses in bikinis and gym gear.

Whitney Simmons.

While working out is Whitney’s top priority, she is the owner of Toluca Swim, the creator of the ALIVE fitness app, and an Alani Nu and Gymshark sponsored athlete.

Linn Lowes. 

Lowes is a licensed personal trainer and cancer survivor. Her struggle with Lymphoma in 2014 highlighted the necessity of leading a healthy lifestyle, inspiring her to seek a full-time career in fitness. Her physique is presently in excellent condition, and she enjoys flaunting it on Instagram. 

Stefanie Williams.

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The Instagram fitness model from London is frequently seen strutting around the city in the latest fashion trends. She not only inspires followers with fantastic workouts but also dazzles them with her insanely gorgeous body.

Sophie Van Oostenbrugge. 

Sophie’s tough exercises aren’t for the faint of heart, but you can count on seeing some serious results. Interestingly, her cute dog Loie also makes a cameo on her Instagram account, and they’re downright fun to watch. 

Drea Thomas. 

A glance at Thomas’s Instagram feed reveals that she values genuineness, and her naturally attractive appearance and a genuine concern for her fan are impressive. So if you’re seeking someone who keeps things real, she’s the shot. 

Michie Peachie.

Peachie has millions of devoted admirers who look to her for fashion, nutrition, and workout advice. She has been featured in popular fitness magazines such as Fitness Curves and Muscle and Fitness Hers.

Johanna Oline Modin.

Oline, the Swedish model, is a must-follow on Instagram. Her bubbly personality and radiant appearance have earned her thousands of followers. Oline’s feed should be your plug for some motivation to hit the gym.

Kim French.

This fitness model is an inspiration to all new mothers. Kim gives advice on fitting in workouts and encourages her fans to keep going even when reducing stubborn baby weight becomes difficult to cope with.

Robin Gallant.

via Instagram

Robin proclaims herself as a “Gym Shark,” Her dedication to maintaining a perfect body has made her just as strong as she is, hands down, gorgeous. 

Sommer Ray.

Ray embodies both beauty and courage. And her competitive spirit helps her succeed as a fitness model. Notably, her popularity has landed Ray many swimsuit commercials and an appearance on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out.

Kelsey Wells.

Wells, a certified NASM personal trainer, can get you in shape quickly. For proof, you can check out her Instagram feed, which has before-and-after images of her happy customers.

Katie Crewe. 

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A post shared by Katie Crewe (@katiecrewe)

Crewe has made a significant impact in the field of mommy fitness! Her account is filled with training routines that have helped her stay strong and toned while carrying her child. Having given birth, she continues to document her fitness journey on Instagram to inspire as many as possible. 

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