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Fitness Influencer Lost 70 Pounds With Meal Prepping And Lifting Weights


Fitness Influencer Lost 70 Pounds With Meal Prepping And Lifting Weights

Tyesha Sosa is a fitness influencer with over 96.9k followers on Instagram. The 26-year-old New York-based dispatcher attributed meal prepping heavyweights as the secret to shaving down 70 lbs of weight.

Tyesha hit 205 pounds on her heaviest days when she was 21 years old.

It wasn’t that Tyesha hasn’t tried, but she finds herself unable to be consistent. She shared on Women’s Health, “I always struggled with my weight. It would always fluctuate up and down, and each time I gained, I’d gain more than before. But I didn’t know how to start or who to turn to for help.”

She compared her fight with weight loss as an “emotional roller coaster.” Tyesha added, ” I felt depressed in my life and felt such a void. My job also put a lot of stress on me as well.”

“But my motivation to take action only came after my doctor told me that I was at high risk for high blood pressure, and chronic diseases related to it.”

Tyesha’s weight loss motivations weren’t about how she looks like but instead to “get healthy and feel healthy.” She admits that one of her biggest problems was getting “used to eating all the junk in the world.”

She continued, “Changing my diet and eating habits wasn’t going to come easy for me, but I knew this was the key to a successful weight loss, and a healthy body internally and externally.”

“I started to meal prep to make sure I don’t make any poor eating decisions throughout the day. I focused on eating healthier carbs and getting lots of protein.”

She also dropped her meal plans. For breakfast, she has egg whites, turkey bacon, and apple slices with almond butter. “A source of protein, veggies, and healthy carbs” is what her lunch consists of.

She also change her snacks to fruits and mixed nuts. And then she often opts for “a protein shake” or just a light meal to avoid feeling bloated at night.

“When I first started to work out, all I did was cardio because that’s all I really knew.”

While she’s physically active, she was never consistent and didn’t enjoy cardio as she said “it caused me to almost lose too much weight.”

“So, I decided to hire a trainer. It was super costly, but I knew that’s exactly what I needed in order to get the rhythm of having the consistency of working out,” she shared. “My trainer introduced me to weights and I started really feeling myself as I was getting stronger.”

“My weight went from 135 pounds to 150 pounds with heavy weight training, and I immediately fell in love with what it did to my body, helping to give it the shape it is now.”

Now focusing on maintaining her future, Tyesha also motivates others on her platform.

Tyesha shared three things she mostly focused on during her weight loss journey: gaining confidence, self-love, and a positive attitude.

“I knew I wanted to feel confident,” she shared. “Focusing on confidence, not necessarily appearance, has helped me break a lot of barriers I put on myself.”

She continued, “I finally put myself above everything else going on in my life.”

“Most importantly, my attitude changed. My journey (which I have been public about) has helped other people, and I’m humbled when people tell me about how helpless and vulnerable they feel because I was there too.”

“I love to feed positivity to them and tell them it won’t be easy, but it, sure enough, will be worth it. You just have to believe in yourself.”

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