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35 Encouraging Before & After Pics Of Couples Who Lose Weight Together

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35 Encouraging Before & After Pics Of Couples Who Lose Weight Together

Double the effort, twice the reward.

No matter the obstacle, having enough support and encouragement is enough to reach a goal. And for the couples who have taken on the challenge of trying to lose weight together, the experience hasn’t only been twice the work but also twice the reward. Losing weight as a couple naturally offers some advantages, including mutual support and inspiring one another. 

With better health, decisions about what food to buy and prepare or where to dine out are typically easy for couples who are determined to lose weight as ONE. However, couples’ weight loss stories are swimming through the internet. From what they learned, the amount of hard work, and what weight-loss tips worked from them, these couples [compiled below] have proved that support is a vital part of weight-loss success. Have a look and get inspired.

Mark Fell From 21St And Six Pounds To 12St 6Lbs While His Wife Went From 15St And Two Pounds To 9St.

Me And My Friend Thought, Hey, Let’s Not Be Fat And Ugly Anymore.


They Both Lost An Amazing Amount Of Weight Together For Their Big Day And Couldn’t Be Happier.

Incredible Michele’s & Alex’s Work.


Couple Together Lost Over 15 St After Death Warnings From Doctors.

Couple Loses Weight For Their Wedding.


This Couple Shed More Than 100 Pounds Together.

Michelle And Pete Lakin Decided To Battle Against The Weight And Have Now Lost Over 7st Each Using Their Wii Fit Machine.

Caters News Agency

Me And My Soon To Be Wife Have Lost Over 120 Pounds Together.


Alison Lost More Than Eight Stone To Fit Into Her Dream Wedding Dress. Simon Lost An Impressive Six Stone To Also Fit Into His Wedding Day Tux.

Fortitude Press

Couple Shed A Combined 11 Stone After Size 22 Bride Heard Cruel Comments.


Couple Shed 15 St Between Them By Firstly Selling Their Car So They Would Walk More.


This Couple Refused To Walk Down The Aisle Until They Got In Shape, And 5 Years Later They Married.

Claire Crowther Pure Elite Pro

Before Vs. After Photos Of Tennessee Couple’s 538lb Weight Loss.


This Couple Lost 330 Pounds And Got Nicknamed As “Thincredibles.”

John & Lisa

Three Years Ago Danny & I Made A Resolution To Live A Healthier Lifestyle.

Danny & Kalean


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This Couple Loses A Combined 133 Pounds For Their Wedding.

Chris Fossey Photograph

This Couple Lost 500 Pounds In Just 2 Years!

This Couple Lost 200 Pounds Together.

Noel & Leisa Hoey Lost An Astonishing 24 Stone Between Them After Seeing Their Wedding Photos.


This Couple Has Been Named Slimmers Of The Year After Shedding A Total Of 22 Stone.

Extreme Weight Loss.

Couple Lose 187 Lbs Between Them Before Their Wedding.


For Our 4th Anniversary, My Wife And I Retconned Our Wedding Photos. My Wife Lost 109 Lbs, And I Lost 129 Lbs (about 1,5 Years).


Couple Who Fell In Love In A Health Clinic Lost Over 37st Between Them.

Keith Morris

Obese Couple Jo And Barry Shed Half Their Body Weight After Being Told That If They Didn’t Diet, They Would Die.

PA Real Life Features

Timothy Lost 36 Pounds And Eileen – 18 Pounds. We Felt So Energetic Right Away, And That Made Us Want To Continue Exercising And Eating Right.

Couple Lost 13 Stone Between Them.

Couple Lose 10 Stone, Look Younger Than On Their Wedding Day In 1994.

Lisa Wharton

It’s Never Too Late To Change The Rest Of Your Life.


We Both Lost The Baby Weight! But Not The Baby, She’s Just Sleeping.


2013 We Decided It Was Time To Get Our Health In Order. We Committed To Changing Our Lifestyle And So Far We Have Lost 325 Pounds!

Danny & Kalean

This Couples Transformation Is More Than Inspiring.


Couple Lost 500 Pounds Combined Over 2 Years.

This Couple Together Lost 50 Kg.


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