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30 People Whose Progress Pictures Will Inspire You To Do The Same


30 People Whose Progress Pictures Will Inspire You To Do The Same

Such amazing achievements!

Making changes doesn’t come as easy for many people and that’s perfectly understandable. But it’s never impossible, no matter how hard it is. The right push and support will definitely help you pursue a goal to become a better you.

Whether that’s losing weight, gaining it, or gaining more muscles, these people showed off their progress pictures. Making your changes visible is very important as a motivation to yourself, so why not scroll and cheer on how amazing these people are!

“7 months. How it started vs how it’s going.”


“I never thought this day would come. Only about 60lbs to go”


“Ten months, 55 lbs.”


“Second time doing this, gained every pound I lost last year and more after a spinal sarcoma left me paralyzed. Fighting hard and feeling like myself again.”


“Still have a way to go but feeling good.”


“Going shopping for the first time in my life without feeling anxious felt incredible.”


“Left: I had been in detox from IV heroine for 8 AWFUL months, so I was out of shape. I shortly after got obsessed with cardio, but in the past couple months been practicing weightlifting & I’m feeling better than ever.”

“It’s been a while since taking a progress pic and I’m so glad I did. Lowest adult weight ever and loving this difference!”


“About 2 years. CICO / Daily walking / Light weight usage.”


“I’m not feeling myself today so I had to remind myself of my progress.”


“Did this with running, keto, and green smoothies and ready to lose some more weight!”


“Took me 3 years of trial and error and overcoming an earring disorder to finally lose almost 100. My weight has always fluctuated, but I’m still determined to lose this last 30.”


“1-year post-Lefort 1 and Bilateral sagittal split osteotomy jaw surgery.”


“Started losing weight on my own November 2020 and it’s starting to set in that this is real and I’m changing.”


“Feeling like a completely different person!”


“After a year of maintaining my weight loss, I got some excess skin on my stomach removed and I finally get to enjoy the full results of my hard work!”


“10 months. Second time in my life I have lost 70 pounds. Never again.”


“I didn’t hit my goal weight BUT I know I gained muscle so the scales aren’t a huge concern for me anymore!”


“Four years.”


“Salesman grows a ginger beard and becomes GQ Model.”


“Funny photo at my heaviest after an allergic reaction to lunch. Currently at the fittest I’ve ever been and training for a 5k.”


“Only 5 more pounds to go and feeling better than ever!”


“Not quite there yet but I’m going in the right direction.”


“When that picture was taken of me tonight I still expected to look like the old me. I was honestly shocked. I still see the old me in the mirror. Also, I wanted to show the difference in my hands.”


“Manifested what if thought into a reality.”


“Same bathroom, different girl.”


“Became depressed after the death of parents, feeling better now.”


“Still in a bit of a rut/plateau since covid started, but happy to have at least mostly maintained, and remind myself that huge changes have been made, even only at the halfway mark!”


“Last year at this time I was the heaviest and most unhealthy I’ve ever been. This year I walked in my city’s fashion week.”


“Almost 1 year apart. There are no words for how amazing I feel.”


“Lost weight, grow beard and started doing modeling in my 30s. Not much success but is nice to be skinny and relatively fit.”


“FACE. GAINS. roughly one year apart here, never even realized the progress in my face until I found an old selfie. Added in some different hair care, I feel like I’m looking at two different people.”


“Feeling better than ever!”


“Struggled with emotional eating due to depression and anxiety. CICO and strength training helped a lot! Not done yet, still in process of losing weight but satisfied with current progress.”


“I had vertical sleeve gastrectomy 25lbs from my personal goal.”


“Remember that Donkey line in Shrek? ‘Omygawd you ate the princess!'”


“Not quite done yet. My daughter is the reason I decided to turn my life around. She deserves a healthy, happy, and fit mama.


“No fad/crash diets, no cutting whole food groups out, no crazy timetables. Counting calories, healthier choices, sticking to a workout plan I love, indulging when appropriate, and NOT BEATING MYSELF UP.”


“Closing in on my goal weight! The pic on the left came up in my memories from 3 years ago today. Day to day, I don’t always see the changes, but then a pic like this pops up and I feel proud of how far I’ve come!”


“Thought I was done losing, but dropped another 10 pounds this month.”


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