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41 People Share Their Most Impressive Weight-Loss Transformation Results

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41 People Share Their Most Impressive Weight-Loss Transformation Results

They definitely will inspire you!

A healthy weight is crucial for longevity and chronic disease prevention. And if weight loss is part of your goals, being transformative in appearance is one of its gains. Others include confidence in one’s abilities and strength in one’s determination. Losing weight is hard, yet its warriors aren’t giving up, trying multiple avenues from rigorous workouts to going vegan and even intermittent fasting. 

Engaging in a workout routine can help keep anyone on track, especially throughout the highs and lows. However, these slimmers [compiled below] are living proof that it is very much possible to undergo a dramatic transformation. And despite battling through tears, sweat, and countless journeys to the gym, these beautiful women couldn’t hold back but show off their incredible before vs. after weight-loss transformations. Have a look and get inspired!

#1 “Stop Acting Like Weight Loss, And Fitness Are Linear!

@bl11hannah gained weight following a back injury. She went on The Biggest Loser and began walking for weight loss, incorporated strength training and HITT, and started eating a low carb, low-sugar PCOS diet to attain a healthy weight.

#2 Over 60pounds Lost, Thanks To Strict Diet.  

@Rose_vibez19’s before and after photo says it all! She lost over 60pounds after cutting down on sugar and alcohol. Rose equally followed a strict Keto diet.

#3 64pounds Lost With The Help Of Calorie Counting. 

After battling with postpartum anxiety, @getfitwithmeliss found Andy Frisella’s 75 Hard Mental toughness program and indeed lost 20 pounds. But with the help of calorie counting, she has in total lost 64 pounds. 

#4 Healthier Food Swaps Helped @ashleys_officially_ 120pound Weight Loss.

Ashley had tried shedding weight by counting calories, but then she realized she needed support and more accountability. So she enrolled on the WW (formerly Weight Watchers) and became an ambassador amidst her 120pound weight loss. Her incredible transformation was attained via healthier food swaps like a chipotle chicken avocado sandwich from Panera.

#5 70pounds Lost, Thanks To Counting Calories. 

With the My Fitness Pal App, counting calories was a thing for @hayleysweightlossjourney. She has in total lost 70pounds and had claimed the Fitness app was the simple science of tracking calories in vs. out, mixed with self-discipline and self-belief.

#6 @get_moefit Lost 80pounds With Strict Dieting.

While she struggled with PCOS and IBS, @get_moefit first cut her carbs and started going beast mode in the gym. She then worked with a nutritionist to do an elimination diet, cutting out some cruciferous veggies and even beef and pork to reduce GI issues. At the end of it all, she lost 80pounds. 

#7 @thestairlady Went Down 100pounds In Just A Year.

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Both kickboxing and Keto were the engine house for @thestairlady. In just a year, she went down 100pounds without dishing her favorite snack, Pizza.

#8 245lbs On The Left Vs. 40pounds Lost On The Right.

The combination of Keto and intermittent fasting assisted @thesocialfighter to lose about 40 pounds and her status as prediabetic. Right after she started cutting sugar, her PCOS systems became more manageable.

#9 243pounds Lost, Thanks To Keto And Focus On Fat Loss.

@stellaisstriving lost 243 pounds, over 42% of her starting body weight, after working on her eating habits with Keto Diet while also focusing on fat loss.

#10 80pounds Lost In Total. 

With counting her macros and calories, including strength training, @regan_patterson lost 80pounds. At the moment, her favorite is Weight lifting.

#11 106pounds Lost In Just Over A Year. 

@just_you_weight lost 106pounds in just over a year naturally using the MyFitnessPal app. She also engaged in 50% fruits and veggies, 25% protein, and 25% whole grains.

#12 120pounds Lost After A 21-Day Meal Plan And Exercise.

Thanks to Jillian Michaels’ workouts and starting a 21-Day Meal Plan, @jasminelosingit has since lost over 120pounds.  

#13 Over 400pounds On The Left Vs. 102pounds On The Right. 

Following years of yo-yo dieting, @Ketwowithdami had weighed in at over 400pounds. But she eventually learned how to count her macros after discovering the Keto diet and has since lost 102 pounds during the process. 

#14 Over 105pounds Lost, Thanks To Turning Down Donuts.

The combination of intermittent fasting and the Keto Diet helped @alicutsmyhair lose over 105pounds.

#15 -100Ibs Lost, Thanks To Keto Diet And Fitness. 

@Keto_allie lost over 100pounds after she started the Keto Diet and incorporated running into her fitness regime. In September 2019, she had run her first 10K. 

#16 From 428Ibs [2017] to 214lbs [2018] to 195lbs [2019].

It’s the same scarf and the same human two years later! @familytofunsize lost a mind-blowing 233 pounds following a gastric bypass surgery in 2017 that launched her transition into a low-carb, low-sugar diet,

#17 December 2018 Vs. December 2019! 110pounds In Between The Photos. 

@a.little.less.shannon isn’t done losing yet, and she does know that maintenance will be a new ballgame. However, she’s down 100pounds in just a year, having followed what’s was called a lazy Keto Diet.

#18 200pounds Lost, Thanks To Weight Loss Surgery. 

Apart from her weight loss surgery in 2018, @laurieforpresident kept a food diary and tracked her macros. Doing so, she has since lost 200pounds.

#19 130pounds Lost, Thanks To Gym Workouts And Running.

@jessmeetsthegym lost over 130pounds since July 2018. Thanks to consistent gym workouts and a newfound love for running, she achieved her new physique.

#20 400pounds [Left] Vs. 111pounds Lost [Right].

Since starting her weight loss journey in January 2019, @Kcantrell has lost 111pounds, and she credits this achievement to Beachbody and 2B Mindset Nutrition. 

#21 Vegan Diet and HIIT Did The Magic. 

@iamrayysyymone lost 100pounds after following a strict vegan diet and HITT/circuit training.

#22 114 pounds Lost Naturally, Thanks To Running. 

A big thanks to running and using the fitness app Shreddy, including cutting out red meat; @tay_getting_fit lost 114pounds naturally. 

#23 80pounds Lost In Total. 

Since she started WW and regular gym workouts, @debiluv4health has lost over 80pounds. She had, at a point, battled with an eating disorder.

#24 320Ibs [Left] vs. Losing 109pounds [Right].

Before joining WW, @chip01tay reportedly described herself as a closet eater. However, she has since 109pounds.

#25 2013 [Age 23] Vs. 2019 [Age 29].

For several years, @alliedoesketo struggled with emotional eating but just when she discovered the Keto Diet and added in 16:8 intermittent fasting; she lost over 80pounds.

#26 VSG Surgery And Lifting Weights Help Shed 120pounds.

@kickinitiwthlauren lost nearly half of her body weight, about 120pounds in just two years, with the help of vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery and lifting weights.

#27 102pounds Lost, Thanks To Fasting And Workouts. 

@beginwithbri watched numerous YouTube workouts during the pandemic and did intermittent fasting to help her lose weight. It’s safe to say that her methods worked as she has lost 120pounds.

#28 2017 Vs. 2021. 

@justdreampaige had struggled with her weight her entire life. But things eventually changed when she cut out junk food and started following a Mediterranean diet, including running and doing Zumba workouts. So far, she has lost 105pounds.

#29 “Here’s Proof You Can Do Hard Things!”

@shrinkgingbyfaith committed herself to eat a planet-based Keto Diet and even got into Peloton and Rebounder workouts to lose 60pounds. 

#30 72pounds Lost, Thanks To Portion Control And Low-Impact Cardio.

@dmarie_rochelle ventured into portion control and engaged in low-impact cardio like walking and hiking after her C-section to lose weight. Her efforts undeniably paid off as she has now lost 72pounds.

#31 13-Year-Old Nisha Vs. 28-Year-Old Nisha. 

As seen in the above pic, Nisha struggled with her weight since childhood, but she learned how to make her best meals using healthier ingredients. She also started doing HIIT cardio and strength training to attain a healthy weight. Overall, she has lost 103pounds.

#32 “Nothing Changes, If Nothing Changes.”

@thisiswhitneyburk had also struggled with her weight. But then things changed when she began a pescatarian diet and engaged in Beachbody workout programs. In the end, she lost 66pounds. 

#34 80pounds Down From Clean Eating & At-Home Workouts. 

@beast_girl_22 toned up using Beachbody Body Beast. She went down 80pounds from clean eating- three healthy meals per day to smaller healthy meals every two to three hours, with lots of water and through at-home workouts.

#35 150pounds Down By High-Protein Diet And Surgery.

@wokeuplikedez lost 150pounds after undergoing gastric bypass surgery and then continued with a high protein diet. She also maintained the consumption of fewer calories and worked out more consistently than she had in the past. At the moment, she is prepping for her 2nd bodybuilding show.

#36 “When They Ask Me How I Have So Much Determination, I Tell Them I Overcame Everything Meant To Destroy Me.”

With the help of gastric sleeve surgery, @gi_sciortino lost 120pounds and maintained her new weight with intense HITT workouts and strength training.

#37 “140lbs Weight Loss & Maintained For A Year. Then Had An FDL TT In Dec. 2020 With A 10lb Skin Removal.

@tashpointo’s weight loss started with VSG Surgery. She then dropped 150pounds using the Keto Diet with the low-carb eating plan. She equally engaged in a hot-yoga routine to help her anxiety, including running and amping up her core workouts.

#38 “Don’t Make Excuses.” 80pounds Lost In About A Year.

Lifting weight was a major transforming engine for @Kaitlynesse. In about a year, she lost 80pounds with a focus on deadlifts and squats. She has since put on about 10pounds of solid muscle amid the process.

#39 Change Your Lifestyle.

In 2013, @laurenlossing underwent VSG surgery and changed her lifestyle completely. She maintained her new weight by eating a high-protein diet, weight lifting, and counting macros.

#40 From 250Lbs To 128Lbs.

@gessisfitnessjourney eventually hit her goal of losing 124pounds by going vegan, then vegetarian, and low-carb. But she ultimately thrived after she started tracking everything calories, steps via her Fitbit. 

#41 This transformations blows our mind!

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