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Mom Reveals Genius Method That Helped Her Lose 75lbs In A Year Without Calorie Counting


Mom Reveals Genius Method That Helped Her Lose 75lbs In A Year Without Calorie Counting

Katie Moore had a weight of 215 pounds before she adopted the plate method approach to eating.

In just one year, Katie Moore achieved an incredible feat: she lost 75 pounds and completely transformed her body. The 37-year-old, who has over 238K followers on TikTok, where she helps busy mamas, admitted to ditching calorie counting and finally losing the weight sensibly. The ‘Katie Moore Wellness founder weighed 215 pounds before she eventually adopted the plate method approach to eating. 

The digital content creator has gone viral for showing what a typical lunch looks like after her weight loss. 

‘When I started this journey at 215 pounds, I truly felt like I had tried it all,’ she explained. ‘I was not one of those people that just struggled with my weight after babies. I have struggled with my weight my entire life.’ Moore recounted how she counted calories and macros as well as cut out food groups. ‘I would actually lose some weight. I would be feeling great, but there is only so long you can white knuckle your way to hell,’ she added. 


The content creator stressed the diets she had tried weren’t appropriate as she would end up gaining back all of the weight plus adding some more. However, Moore eventually opted for the plating method and lost 75 pounds. She explained, ‘I always tell the women that I work with, “If you can’t give it three years, don’t give it three minutes.” Everything that I had tried before, there was no way I could have done that long-term. So, the plating method just makes sense.’

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In her clip, Moore started with an empty plate and explained that 50% of the launch plate should be a non-starchy vegetable, packed with nutrients and fiber. 

She opted for mixed greens, tomatoes, and sauerkraut, and said, ‘I am a volume eater. I want to eat lots and lots of food. I want to feel fully satisfied.’ Moore also filled 25 percent of her plate with fiber-filled carbohydrates for a ‘boost of energy.’ ‘When you think of carbohydrates, I know a lot of times we think of things like pastries and pasta and things like that, but we really want to get in some fiber,’ she said. ‘Again, that’s gonna keep us fuller longer. So, we are looking for things like whole grains, fruits, starchy veggies, beans, and legumes.’

Moore also opted for a cup of oats with frozen blueberries, which she microwaved. ‘The next thing we want to prioritize is protein, so I actually did four egg whites and two eggs, which I know sounds crazy,’ she continued. ‘But, again, the protein is what’s going to satiate you. So, it’s really important.’ The content creator also filled the last 25% of her plate with protein-packed eggs. Moore recalled how she used to struggle with binge eating before she started using the plate method because she wasn’t feeling satiated.  

She explained, ‘I would be “good” all day long really I was just restricting and then at night I was really struggling with binging. So what I found is that as I prioritized protein throughout the day, I actually felt full and satisfied. I did not feel deprived, and so at night those binges went away.’ So far, Moore’s video has been viewed over 200K since posted and most of her audiences didn’t hold back at applauding the tips. 


‘I totally relate, thanks so much for explaining it so well! This looks like a great plate and something that would keep you full!’ one person wrote. ‘Yeah, all of this sounds like me,’ someone else added. ‘This resonated big time, I’m going to take these suggestions for reals! ‘Love this cause I eat A LOT,’ another shared. ‘It’s hard for me to feel full.’ Nonetheless, some people admitted Moore’s plate didn’t look appetizing. 


‘I applaud you! My problem would be none of those foods go together, it’s just a hodge podge of bland foods. I wouldn’t be able to sustain it,’ one viewer explained. ‘You can create your own,’ someone else pointed out. ‘Just follow the principles of what she explains in the video!’

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