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Model Slams TikToker Who Follows ‘Really Big Fat People’ For Weight Loss Inspiration

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Model Slams TikToker Who Follows ‘Really Big Fat People’ For Weight Loss Inspiration

“And heaven forbid you gain all that weight back. What are you gonna do then?”

Tess Holiday has hit at a TikToker who claimed they’re following really big fat people as inspiration to lose weight. The model insisted weight loss isn’t a shortcut to happiness and why she may be fat and happy, the world still won’t treat her “like I have sunshine shooting out of my a**, because that’s not the case” and the majority of people are still unkind to fat people. 

In response to the TikToker, Tess began her video directed at the comment: “This is all happening in a bubble.”

The body positivity activist added: “You are seeking out content of larger-bodied individuals as a way to make yourself feel better, which is kind of a weird thing in general, especially when I can I guarantee a lot of the larger-bodied individuals you’re following have happy, full lives not despite them being fat, but thy just are.”

In April, the mom of two had revealed she had been struggling with body image in a way she’s never experienced before. 

The model, who revealed in 2021 that she was anorexic and in recovery, explained it had been almost debilitating because even though people see her out having fun, it sometimes takes much work and energy to leave the house. She had added she was the kind of gal that always wants her photo taken until lately and that the first photo she had taken in a while where she saw herself in them was kind. “Soaking up this family time & feeling grateful, even when it’s tough,” Tess had stated.

Notably, the TikToker revealed she’s been following fat people so they could see how others see them as they were so grossed out and had to lose over 150 pounds.

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Tess, in her video, continued: “I’m used to people using me as their Before pictures and inspo, but the reality is that I’ve gotten fatter over the years, my weight’s fluctuated, but the one thing that I have maintained through all of this is my joy. I am fatter right now than I’ve been in a while, but I’m also happier. There’s so many people commenting lately saying they can see my joy radiating and that’s how other people see me.”


“They see the joy. Yeah some people are going to see the fat and not pay attention to the joy, but if you’re putting out into the world that you’re grossed out by yourself, then more than likely that’s how you’re going to be perceived.”

The model concluded: “Glad you can use us, fat folks, as inspiration for you not being fat, but I would really check the inside on your journey to thinness because I can guarantee that’s not going to bring you to the happiness that you’re looking for. And heaven forbid you gain all that weight back. What are you gonna do then?” However, the caption on the video read: “Happiness is from within baby.”

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