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Plus-Size Model Hits Back At Trolls Who Slammed Son’s Diet And ‘Doesn’t Care’ If He Gets Fat


Plus-Size Model Hits Back At Trolls Who Slammed Son’s Diet And ‘Doesn’t Care’ If He Gets Fat

“I know how damaging it is to police what our children eat.”

Tess Holiday, the size 20 model, has been outspoken about her eating disorders and struggles with anorexia while promoting body positivity. The 36-Year-Old from the United States shot to fame on Instagram when she promoted the “Eff Your Body Standards” Campaign. So far, she has been featured on the cover of Cosmopolitan, Nylon, and People Magazine. 

However, the plus-size model is currently under attack over a video of her eating pop tarts with her son. She’s being criticized for her parenting methods, claiming she’s teaching her son horrible diet habits. 

One of the numerous comments [pictured below] claimed it was wrong for people to be eating that cr*p and added: “Second, this person is extremely overweight to the point you’re literally about to die and last you’re a young kid horrible diet habits, this shouldn’t be supported by anyone, and yet everyone seems to love it.” 

But Tess, whose son is 5-Year-Old has hit back at the negative remarks, saying she’s raising her child not to see food in terms of good and bad.

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The model also attested that she wouldn’t care if her children grew up fat. 

“Bowie LOVES doing his taste test videos. He gets excited because he loves filming them and gets so happy reading all of your comments (I show him; he doesn’t have IG lol). This comment was left on our most recent video trying pop tarts. As a fat mom with disordered eating as a result of my upbringing, I wanna talk about comments like this.”

“When I was pregnant with Bowie they used to tell me be careful to not eat your baby.”

“I was in the news all around the world for months criticizing my size & strangers shouting at me that I couldn’t have a healthy pregnancy. [Newsflash I carried 2 healthy babies full term, no issues]. It was extremely difficult to navigate. When I became a mom, I vowed to not do diet talk around my kids because it was hurled at me from such a young age.”

I know how damaging it is to police what our children eat. To make them finish their food to monitor everything that they put in their body. Etc.

“I wish that my parents had the knowledge when I was growing up to teach me how to intuitively eat, and trust my own internal dialogue around food. In my home we don’t have good and bad foods. We don’t have healthy foods. We just have food. To be honest, I don’t care if my kids grow up to be fat.”

Tess insisted that she cares about not creating disordered eating and not giving her children anxiety around food because that’s a h*ll lot worse to deal with AND deadlier than being fat.

“Bowie and I are going to eat f****ing pop tarts, and we’re gonna be happy doing it,” Tess concluded. Tess’s followers praised her and agreed with her perspective in the post’s comments. One person wrote: “He’s a kid. He can eat a pop tart. Why do people need to suck the fun out of everything?!” Another said: “Imagine coming for a child for eating food.” While a third added: “You’re a great mom. The internet is dumb.”

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