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Burn Belly Fat Every Day With These 7 Simple Health Hacks


Burn Belly Fat Every Day With These 7 Simple Health Hacks

Start getting healthy today!

Uh, no, belly fat! They’re so hard to get rid of, yet, if you work on your desk all day long, it’s the easiest to nurture. They form so easy but so hard to burn away. Your bulging belly fat can be a sign of unhealthy fat levels rising, leading to several serious health concerns such as heart diseases.


So, where do you start to cut down on this belly fat? Fret not; these hacks don’t need you to go through an extreme diet or major changes in your lifestyle. With a little tweak here and there, you’ll be able to see the small changes soon enough!

#1 Start the Day with Water

As soon as that alarm clock goes off, head to the kitchen and pour yourself a tall glass of water. Water is key for not only staying hydrated but for your body’s fat-burning abilities too. Rehydrating after an all-night fast will boost your metabolism and can also curb your appetite. 

Get this-when we’re dehydrated; we often confuse thirst with hunger. By chugging some H2O first thing in the AM, we are less likely to overeat at breakfast, and therefore can cut down our calorie intake (heck yes to that!) So, the takeaway? Drink that glass of water before your morning cup of joe. Your body needs that first thing in the morning hydration boost. 

#2 Do a Mini Core Workout Session

Not everyone has time to hit the gym in the morning, but we all can find time to squeeze in a quick mini ab workout to fit into our morning routine for belly fat, right? Working your core is always a good idea. It will help you tone your muscles and build definition in the belly area. 


Need a quick go-to core circuit you can do in a pinch during your morning routine? Check out these seven at-home core exercises to get some serious fat-burning started first thing in the morning. 

#3 Ramp Up the Intensity with a Cardio Workout

If you have more time in the morning, try adding a cardio workout to your morning routine a few times a week to put your belly fat burning into high gear. 

Tired of the boring old morning jog on the treadmill? Here are seven celebrity-approved cardio workouts that burn some serious fat. Pick one, and get your cardio fix in for 30 minutes to add to your morning routine for belly fat. 

High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is also great for burning belly fat. HIIT workouts involve shorter bursts of intense exercise, which are then followed by rest or lower-impact movements. This requires less time to burn more calories, so it is great for people working with a tighter schedule – although it can be more physically demanding. Check out these three HIIT workouts that will help burn belly fat and boost your mood (total win!) 

#4 Take a Probiotic

A healthy gut is a king to a healthy body, and it plays a bigger role in your ability to burn fat than you may think. 

Probiotic supplements can help shed some of that stubborn fat in the belly area. One study conducted over a 3-month period found that overweight women taking a probiotic lost 50% more weight when compared to those who did not.  


Yup, so maintaining gut health does much more than keep our tummy healthy and happy. It may also directly impact our ability to burn fat effectively. 

And, besides taking a supplement, you could also turn to probiotic-rich fermented foods to include in your breakfast. This includes yogurt, kefir, kimchi, and kombucha. These probiotic-rich foods may be key to helping support fat burning. 

#5 Brew a Cup of Green Tea

Try swapping out your daily cup of coffee for green tea. Green tea has a high concentration of antioxidants called catechins. Say what? While a fancy word, catechins are simply antioxidants found in green tea that have been found to reduce body fat in people who regularly drink green tea, especially in the abdominal area. 

On top of that, green tea has been found to boost metabolism, making the drink extra powerful when it comes to weight loss (um, pour us a mug of green tea or two, please!) 

Tip-you wants unsweetened green tea, the kind you make yourself at home, not the Starbucks green tea latte that’s loaded with added sugar. 

#6 Don’t Skip Out on Breakfast

People that skip breakfast are much more likely to overeat later in the day. That means that, although you may feel like you are eating less, you likely will end up eating more calories in a day – which makes it more difficult to burn belly fat.

Running around like crazy each morning with little time to even brush your teeth, let alone make breakfast? Try prepping breakfast the night before. Try making a batch of overnight oats to grab and go in the morning, and keep some hard-boiled eggs and fresh berries in the fridge for an easy and protein-rich breakfast option. 

A little prep work goes a long way in making sure you get a nourishing breakfast each day. 

#7 Make a Breakfast with Fiber and Protein

Speaking of breakfast, let’s talk protein and fiber. To burn belly fat, you’ll want to make sure your breakfast includes both. 

Both fiber and protein can help you feel satisfied for longer. When you’re satisfied, you’re less likely to reach for a handful of candy from the break room at work or eat too much at your next meal. 

You can pack in some fiber from things like dark leafy greens (try throwing them in a smoothie or omelet), oats, berries, and sweet potatoes. 

Protein-packed foods include eggs, yogurt, turkey, peanut and almond butter, tofu, and muesli.

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