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Kanye West ‘Married’ To Yeezy Designer Two Months After Divorce From Kim


Kanye West ‘Married’ To Yeezy Designer Two Months After Divorce From Kim

Married again, just two months after the divorce was finalized.

Kanye West has married again to Yeezy architect Bianca Censori. The rapper is in a new relationship fresh out of his divorce just two months prior to Kim Kardashian. The 45-year-old certainly has a taste when it comes to picking a partner.

Kanye was said to have held a private ceremony with his new wife and went on romantic honey with her to Utah. He and Bianca were seen sporting their wedding rings while out in public together.

On the other hand, fans have been pointing out the similarity between Bianca and his famous ex, Kim Kardashian.

Bianca and Kanye, however, are not legally married as no files were submitted to officialize everything. The couple has also managed to keep their relationship low-profile, surprising unsuspecting fans.

Bianca first entered the team in November 2020 as the Head of Architecture for Yeezy.


The Australian businesswoman graduated with a degree in architecture from a university in Sydney and started her own jewelry line while studying: Nylon Jewellery. It started as an interest that she dabbled in with friends as they made a series of accessories with Swarovski crystals for personal uses.

Kanye also released a track as a tribute to Bianca, titled Censori Overload, revealing that he’s also stayed celibate before they married. He also talked about splitting up with his ex and rapped, “Waking up to “I can’t do this anymore” text.”

She’s also been seen at the Balenciaga Fashion Show in New York in a figure-hugging look and dramatic sunglasses that remind us of Kim’s fashion.

Spotted wearing his wedding band outside, Kanye “Ye” West has made several unflattering headlines while going through his divorce last year.


From insulting Pete Davidson who was dating Kim to a shocking Yeezy fashion show that had controversial “While Lives Matter” shirts and anti-semitic comments that had him lose several contracts.

Kim, while she hasn’t publicly commented on her ex-husband’s new marriage, shared several cryptic messages on Friday on her Instagram Stories. She wrote, “I’m really in my quiet girl era, I don’t have much to say. Just much to do.”

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“Just remember, the black sheep usually turns into a goat. Keep doing you.”

“‘People who want to see you win will help you win. Remember that.”

For 7 years, Kim and Kanye were married and share four children. With the divorce, Kim is receiving $200,000 every month for child support along with equal access to the kids and joint custody.

Kim has had several appearances on podcasts and TV, talking about how she’s been trying to protect their children from “all the crazy sh**” as Kanye would repeatedly make controversial statements on his social media page and was suspended several times.

She continued, “It’s hard. S*** like co-parenting it’s really f***ing hard you know.”

An insider reveals that Kim seems to have completely avoided having to talk directly with Kanye and shared, “They have had zero communication in several weeks, and all communication regarding the kids’ schedules are now coordinated through assistants.”

Just last week, Julia Fox who was caught in a whirlwind romance with the rapper admitted that they were “literally together for like a minute.”


The “Uncut Gems” star continued, “I don’t think he even knows my full name or anything.”

Celibacy and fresh starts: will this mark the end of Kanye’s constant switch of girlfriends?


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