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Couple Goes Viral On Instagram, And They Have No Idea Why


Couple Goes Viral On Instagram, And They Have No Idea Why

Social media can be positively transforming!

Wendy Joseph and Dan Hennessey officially started dating in college, but their relationship experienced its fair share of highs and lows. However, as Wendy decided to share an Instagram photo with them, she never expected it to go viral. The duo had mainly been in each other’s lives for ten years, a whole decade, and with things going so well, the post couldn’t hold back but celebrate their anniversary.

Before Wendy and Dan became social media sensations, they were both students hoping to make something of themselves.


When Facebook first started, the young students found themselves attractive through the platform.

Life Buzz

Dan was a sophomore in college studying Fitness Science. Wendy had just graduated from high school.


Dan and Wendy were used to sharing their relationship life online, but something was utterly different this time around. And soon enough, the world took notice. Wendy shared two pictures side-by-side. The first showed the couple early into their college relationship, while the second showed them in bathing suits ten years later. It was captioned: “10-year difference! Left 2007, Right 2017.”

While searching for new friends, Dan had come across a girl named Daphne that he shared mutual friends with.


However, when scrolling through her friend’s list, he came across Wendy. He found her stunning and knew he just had to meet her.

After scrolling through Dan’s Facebook page, Wendy realized they had mutual friends. She messaged him back, and soon they began to converse back and forth, quickly becoming friends.


The two met face-to-face at a party, and they instantly hit it off. They danced the night away and stayed up talking.


Her post continued: “I used to have a perm and wear my hair stuck to my face every day, and Dan used to shave once a week! Now we take serious swimsuit pictures in different countries.” She added that “life comes at you fast.” Instantly, the likes and comments started pouring in, and the post garnered 900 comments. The pair was shocked, but they began to UNDERSTAND WHY just when they got to the comments.

Within when they met, Wendy had just broken up with her long-term BF, so they decided it would be best to remain close friends.


Being just friends was near impossible for Wendy and Dan, as both realized they were in love with each other. 

After seven years together, Wendy didn’t know who she was as an individual, so he broke up with Dan.

During their time apart, Wendy started her own YouTube channel called Wendy’s Curls. Dan began to watch her videos and soon reached out to her.

“Did you both age in reverse? What fountain of youth are you drinking from?” One person commented. Another wrote: “Why does it look like he’s dating the mom on the left and the daughter on the right? A third asked: “You wanna tell me how you aged backward?” Both Wendy and Dan were undeniably overwhelmed by the support, and the post paved the way for big opportunities. 

Realizing their love for one another would not go away, they decided to get back together. 


The above photo was captioned: “10-year difference! Left 2007, Right 2017.”

The duo pictured here when they just started dating never expected the photo to get so much attention. It was shared with news outlets and achieved over 60,000 likes.


One aspect of the photo that shocked people is how the couple looked even younger after 10years!

People demanded to know the couple’s secret! Well, it’s simply good nutrition and exercise!

Life Buzz

Along with their fitness blog, the couple continued to gain followers, working towards their futures. In September 2016, during a vacation in Paris, Dan had given Wendy the surprise of her life. Dan got down on one knee at the Eiffel Tower with Wendy and a few of their close friends and asked Wendy to marry him. She said Yes, and the entire engagement was posted on Wendy’s YouTube Page for their fans to see for themselves.

Wendy and Dan have since founded their fitness and coaching company named True4YouFitness. 


After ten years together, the couple recently took the next step in their relationship and got engaged.


At that moment, Wendy explained it seemed that life couldn’t get better. But then, it did. Beyond fitness, health, and nutrition, the couple shared a love for another passion: TRAVEL. The pair has since posted videos of their travels worldwide on their YouTube. They met another couple during one of those trips, professional models who opined another career path to the pair. 

Dan proposed during a romantic trip to Paris, captured on their YouTube channel.

Dan and Wendy decided to fulfill their dream of traveling across the world following their engagement.

They have traveled to Thailand, Costa Rica, Thailand, and even Colombia!


Dan ended up reaching out to a few agencies and then got an unexpected response. He received a handful of modeling agencies who wanted to meet with him and wanted Wendy to come along for casting. Interestingly, the couple made their way through New York City, and both were signed as models, landing a handful of contracts. Dan supported Wendy as she starred in a Dove Face wash campaign. 

Beyond fitness, health, and nutrition, Wendy and Dan are now professional models.

After their viral post, the couple received a handful of modeling agencies who wanted to meet with Dan and wanted Wendy to come along for casting.

Their success led the two to relocate to NYC to pursue their new modeling careers, and YES, their social media following, followed. While people now follow Wendy for her incredible weight loss journey and fitness tips, Wendy now says their journey to self-acceptance and self-love is a never-ending process. But through it all, social media is to be applauded for helping her find a relationship, her YouTube celebrity status, and her modeling career. 

Social media is to be applauded for helping Wendy find her TRUE LOVE through it all.

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