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Super-fit Grandma, 52, Mistaken For A Model Says Young Guys Love Her Toned Body


Super-fit Grandma, 52, Mistaken For A Model Says Young Guys Love Her Toned Body

The grandma has over 210k fans on Instagram!

Canadian mom-of-two Charlene Farnsworth is a satisfied grandmother-of-one, but at the same time, she’s often mistaken as a popular model. Little do people know that the 52-year-old goes through an extreme workout regime and maintains a strict diet for her amazingly lean body.

That’s right, at the age of 52, Charlene is a fitness maniac who does weightlifting six days a week.

Charlene, who’s now a fitness model and is studying to become a personal trainer, shares that most of her fans are youngsters in love with her toned body. At the same time, she’s been a happily married wife to Mike Farnsworth for 22 years now.

“People often tell me that I look younger than my age but I’m pretty sure it’s just because of my body,” Charlene shared about the compliments she gets from time to time.

“I’m not the shy girl I used to be because I feel good in my skin. Women at the gym are great, and they often compliment me. They will tell me that I have the perfect body and ask how I do it.”

For Charlene, weightlifting is a lifestyle. She shared, “When I’m in the gym, I have my headphones on, and I am super focused on my workout. But I do get people approach me. They ask whether I’m a fitness model or if I’m training for something specifically.”

“A few have even said they hope to get the results I’ve managed to achieve.”

Workouts have also improved her intimacy with her husband, Mike, who’s she’s credited as a very supportive partner throughout the journey.

“My husband is extremely proud of my accomplishments. He loves the fact that I’ve become so fit and confident,” Charlene shared.

The husband is also aware of her social media page, where she often shares confidence-brimming snaps of herself that are often flooded with compliments from other lads. She shares his reaction, “He deals with the admirers very well, knowing that he is the one that gets to go through life by my side.”

“When I was less confident, I would worry that I wasn’t good enough, not that my husband ever made me feel that way; it was my own issue.”

“Now that I feel so good in my own skin, I never doubt myself. I definitely feel sexier naked now.”

Aside from her six-day-a-week routine, she also does cardio up to 30 minutes a few times a week.

“I work my legs three days a week and split my upper body three days of the week,” she shared in addition.

Her diet includes protein powder in the morning at night. An example of her healthy meals is oatmeal for breakfast, lean beef with rice for lunch, and then 12-grain French toast with egg whites.

Charlene, however, has sustained an injury that’s impeding her from giving her best. The grandmother said, “I lift heavy as much as possible, although I have developed an injury in my right shoulder and elbow which has, unfortunately, started to affect my heavy lifting.”

“I would say weightlifting is the best way to stay fit and lean.”

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