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Superfit Gran At 63 Says She Has 18-Year-Old Suitors And Here’re Her Secrets


Superfit Gran At 63 Says She Has 18-Year-Old Suitors And Here’re Her Secrets

“The guys are from about 18, which is really funny.”

A fitness influencer shocks people with her ripped abs and toned muscles because of her age. Lesley Maxwell is 63 years old, but her amazing body is so lean she’s earned the support of youngsters.

Meet the superfit Australian grandma, Lesley Maxwell.

She is currently based in Melbourne and is employed as a full-time personal trainer, a job that fits her perfectly due to her passion for fitness. She’s been maintaining her figure at size 8 and is very well-known around the gym.

People would also comment that she looks like sisters with Tia, her granddaughter who’s 20.

The personal trainer who has over 30 titles since winning her first show at the age of 49 is sharing tips on how to enjoy yourself on Christmas while staying as fit as possible!

“My tips for eating over the Christmas period would be to eat more turkey rather than cakes,” she shared.

“One is protein, while the other breaks down into sugar,” she explained. I would say go easy on the soft drinks and wine too, as these are ’empty calories’ and usually get stored as soft body fat.”

“There’s no need to eat everything offered to you. If you’ve finished your meal and [are] offered more food, simply wait a minute. The feeling of overeating usually goes away.”

“Another would be to go for a power walk after Christmas dinner. Power walking effectively can work every muscle in your legs and glutes, plus great for your core muscles too.”

She added, “Take large strides and squeeze your butt at the top of the movement. Burn those extra calories away while walking with family or friends. Anyone can easily do these diet tips.”

“Try to get a proper workout in between festive events too, to offset the additional food and booze,” she advised.

Healthy eating is also her passion, as she clearly steers away from preservatives and processed foods that contain coloring and unnatural ingredients.

She also did a ‘Grandmother vs. Granddaughter’ and shared a tip, “Add a high-intensity workout into your weekly training schedule and make training fun!”

Her fitness lifestyle began 14 years ago as she’s just gotten out of a marriage. Working out helps her cope with the stress of divorce and it soon became her life.

To her, the biological and chronological age can run at different paces, depending on how well you care for your body.

Among her 71.1k fans of hers on Instagram, it’s not rare to find youngsters among them. Lesley shared, “The guys are from about 18, which is really funny. I take everything as a compliment, it’s really great that they even follow me.

“Of course, I appreciate the male followers, and men definitely add spice to life… I don’t think this changes whatever age we are.”

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