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21 Fitness Models And Influencers Whose Beauty Lies In Their Muscles


21 Fitness Models And Influencers Whose Beauty Lies In Their Muscles

Healthy is sexy!

Muscles can be gorgeous and sexy, too. These fitness maniacs and health influencers showed the beauty of being strong, muscular, and lean. There are many kinds of beauty and this is just one of them.

Because like our old grandparents say, healthy is sexy. Nothing is more precious than knowing that you feel happy and healthy about your own body. You’d naturally smile and feel a whole lot bright about life in general. And says who muscles can’t be sexy?

Anna Nystrom, Sweden entrepreneur, and fitness model.

Social media influencer Maria Julissa.

Powerlifter & Fitness Model Natasha Aughey from Canada.

Supergirl cosplay by fitness coach Carriejune Anne Bowlby.

Belgian fitness trainer Savannah Prez.

Fitness maniac Bakhar Nabieva’s transformation.

Mexican fitness model Yuliett Torres.

Turkish content creator and engineer Femme Fellis.

Mexican singer and weightlifter Susie Medrano-Yanez.

A policewoman who’s also a swimsuit model!

Fitness coach Allat from Virginia.

Model and coach Ali Romero.

Argentinian influencer Canela Devoto.

Fitness and health blogger Estefania Gutierrez.

US fitness model and influencer Carriejune Anne Bowlby.

Fitness model and influencer Bru.

Traci Callahan, professional volleyball player for the US team.

Mental health advocate, Mindy MS., MD.

Fitness model Viking Barbie.

IDF military veteran Yarden Ardity.

Doctor model!

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