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Two Friends Show How The Same Outfits Look On Their Different Body Sizes

Body Positivity

Two Friends Show How The Same Outfits Look On Their Different Body Sizes

Always wear whatever makes you feel beautiful.

The “Style Not Size” movement launched in early 2019 and has since garnered positive responses from people online. It was founded by two best friends, Maria Castellanos and Denise Mercedes; their following on Instagram and TikTok continues to grow, and most women worldwide have since found their videos and photos so inspiring. The aim is to tell people they “can dress however they please and to love their body shape and sizes.” Ever been told you can’t wear crop tops, high-waisted jeans, body-con dresses, or swimsuits? Well, you can totally and YES confidently rock them all. 

The campaign also preaches it’s about time people, particularly women, stop comparing themselves with others; instead, they should feel confident in their own skin as it’s undoubtedly what makes everyone shine from within. The friends have motivated many women to feel confident and be themselves, making them want to continue the movement. Thankfully, the duo has released their newest jaw-dropping outfits to prove it’s not size but style that really matter. Besides, whatever makes you feel beautiful is what you should always go for!

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Matching outfits with friends is a thing that occurs occasionally, but the New York duo Mercedes and Maria have made it an everyday thing. The two best friends have an ongoing series on their separate social media pages, where they double up on the same outfits to promote body positivity. They are unarguably proving that good fashion has no size limit by flaunting side-by-side looks, including rocking strappy dresses or casual outfits like a crop top on jeans.






Denise and Maria have urged that women shouldn’t be confined to what society tells it’s the correct thing to wear for specific sizes. The friends are of two different body sizes; they often look for fashion brands or labels with a large variety of size options. ASOS remains their favorite, but it’s usually quite a task to find truly inclusive brands. Notwithstanding, the friends never give up and mostly enjoy neutral colors for every skin tone, stretchy materials, and quality.








You will agree that despite the same clothes being sold in various sizes, most brands naturally use lean models in all of their promotional images, ignoring all of the plus-size people. It’s clearly discrimination, a situation both Denise and Maria are now really tackling. They are undeniably the perfect inspiration for anyone who might feel anxious about trying out a bolder look because of their size. No matter what size of clothes you rock, Denise and Maria have claimed you always will look great.








The outfits worn by the two friends are always a mix of their personal styles. And as they continue their #StyleNotSize Trend, the duo is reportedly looking into including more bodies of different shapes for more inclusivity. They see this move as a good way to inspire the TikTok community. Likewise, they would love to glam it up and go all out with some really fashionable pieces to events like the gala, among others. 






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