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Julia Fox Turns Heads With A Daring Clear Corset At Art Of Elysium 25th Anniversary Gala


Julia Fox Turns Heads With A Daring Clear Corset At Art Of Elysium 25th Anniversary Gala

Julia Fox stunned onlookers at the event by revealing her b**bs in a clear top.

The Uncut Gems star had jaws dropped at the Art of Elysium 25th Anniversary event, where she fearlessly showed off her bare breasts in a bold see-through top. Julia Fox, who recently dubbed herself high-class white trash, heightened the atmosphere in Cannes, France, leaving onlookers with absolutely nothing to the imagination. 

Julia’s top was clear throughout, and it highlighted her cleavage and elegantly draped over her midsection.

Her lower half was in a two-tiered, voluminous white skirt that was stuffed into a pool of fabric.

Julia paired the look with gorgeous jewelry, her hair upswept, and a glossed lip of dark color.

It comes as the 33-year-old opened up about having had liposuction and Botox in the past. The former dominatrix recently told Elle she was ‘saggy’ and her body had transformed, but she was not going to do a ‘damn thing about it. Julia insisted, ‘I’m, like, saggy, like, things are not sitting the way they used to. But it’s like, I am not gonna do a damn thing about it.’

The actress is known for taking major risks when it comes to her personal look, and it has propelled her onto the global fashion scene. 

The outing also comes as Julia slammed the MET Gala in an exclusive with DailyMail, stating the fashion’s biggest night has diverted from its roots and is now a show of overt nepotism. ‘If it was about fashion, I’d be there, but it’s not. It’s about politics, privilege, who your parents are, and how much money you make,’ Fox explained, adding she wants to serve as an inspiration for future designers looking to make radical creativity within their craft.

Julia added: ‘I just want to tell people, “Don’t aspire to be like these people [who went to the Met], aspire to be yourself. There’s a little boy or girl out there [who] will look at me and not be ashamed – fashion and art are about vision. ‘I want to support fashion designers. Me and my friends are hoping to start our own gala and help fund disadvantaged people and single mothers.’

The actress concluded, floating the idea of creating her own fashion-forward event that could potentially rival the Met Gala. 

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