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Man’s Proposal Lasts Seven Days But People Left Stunned After Seeing Engagement Ring


Man’s Proposal Lasts Seven Days But People Left Stunned After Seeing Engagement Ring

The week-long adventure began in LA and concluded in Paris.

There are unique yet small proposals, there are the extravagant, colorful proposals and then there are those proposals that take months, weeks and not the usual one-day event.

When Dhar Mann reached a consensus to pop the main question to his blogger girlfriend, Laura G, Dhar came up with a 7days proposal event, one the internet would hardly forget.

Precisely, Dhar day one plan involved giving his fiancé a new home – this’s exactly the out of the world proposal we’re talking about. Filming the whole scene and uploading it to YouTube, the influencer said: ‘I planned on having a proposal that she would always remember. That even when she was much older, she could look back and smile with the memories.’

Image: laurag_143/Instagram

He added: ‘So I put together a seven-day hunt that began in LA and concluded in Paris. It’s not easy getting anything past Laura, so I  knew I was going to propose soon, but she didn’t know when and how I was planning to do it. So to keep her on the toes, I kept every day full of surprises and entirely different from the next.’

After ushering Laura into her new home on day one, Dhar afterward went to her parents to seek permission, knowing that family is one the most significant thing in Laura’s life and world. The next two days after the first involved surprising Laura and her family with a Spa as well as party with closest friends along with a shopping trip to Beverly Hills.

Image: laurag_143/Instagram

Visiting Disneyland to see Mickey, Dhar later flew both of them to Paris. The pair day six involved a hotel room all covered in rose petals, also featuring a private terrace, violinists and the Eiffel tower.

For the D-day, despite the heavy rain pours, Laura happily agreed to become Dhar’s partner forever. Uploading the photos of every step, the pair’s millions of followers couldn’t get over the size of the ring.

Image: laurag_143/Instagram

The Best Proposal of 2019!

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