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10+ Worst Outfits Celebs Wore At The Brit Awards 2023


10+ Worst Outfits Celebs Wore At The Brit Awards 2023

She definitely looked sick.

At every red carpet event, there are always celebrities who didn’t understand the note well in that instance and decided to appear in what seems to be the kind of looks you never want to be caught wearing on camera. Like Sam Smith’s latex costume at the Brit Awards 2023.

It was a star-studded event, the red carpet was flooded with glamorous looks, then you have Sam Smith in what can only be described as human black clover.


Sam Smith is a star at his own level, but it was truly a bizarre moment as he stood in a pair of wedge boots wearing an inflated latex costume with a straight face. He had a pair of mismatched earrings and a bit of lipgloss on for the night. The 30-year-old singer kept a fresh look for the event with minimum makeup.

Explaining the reason, the designer Harikrishnan Keezhathil Surendran Pillai, said this represented his “natural form.”

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“Sam was having a lot of hate comments recently after ‘Unholy’ about their body image,” said the London College of Fashion alum. “This is my take on celebrating his natural form and the beauty of being one’s self.”

Then there’s Ashnikko, the rapper with blue hair and a skin dress.

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To be fair, the quality of the costume looks pretty great, and those pimples that look like they’ll burst are actually neat details to her villainous look. Plus they’re a nod to her latest single ‘You Make Me Sick!’

It’d be an amazing look at a cosplay party, but probably not for the glamorous Brit Awards.


And among the worse, Lewis Capaldi might have nothing to worry about. Nominated for the Song of the Year category, Lewis decided to appear casual for the night.

PA, Justin Goff

Arguably bad because it’s supposed to be a black tie event, but at the very least it’s something you don’t mind being caught on camera wearing. The ‘Forget Me’ singer was in a black shirt and jeans with a brown jacket on top. Sunflowers sewed on them, the kind that makes you feel homey as if they were done lovingly by your grandma.


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