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“I’m Fat & Everyone Is Always Shocked That My Husband Is Super Fit”


“I’m Fat & Everyone Is Always Shocked That My Husband Is Super Fit”

They’re quite an inspiration!

People online are regularly expressing shock about the relationship between Alicia McCarvell and her long-term partner, now-turned husband. The duo is known for their fun, loved-up videos, yet comments from their audiences are somewhat not palatable, with many saying ill things about s*x life. 

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“Is this a paid actor?” A troll had said about Alicia’s husband, to which she hit back, saying: “You’re an unpaid commenter.” 

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In another video, someone said of their s*x life: “No Shapewear (SIC) under that dress?” This time around, Alicia’s husband Scooty responded: “One less thing I have to take off her.” Accordingly, another video saw the comment: “Does she get out of breath by brushing her hair?”

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Alicia hit back: “No, but I do get out of breath when he rails me.”

via tiktok/aliciamccarvell

Despite the negativity, some have responded to their videos paying respects to the amazing couple. One person defended: “He’s probably with her because she’s a nice girl and treats him like a king. Real love. Good for them!” However, Alicia has zero doubt her husband feels bad about her appearance.

via Alicia McCarvell/Instagram

And knowing the power her platform has, she has been preaching the lesson of self-love and never devaluing yourself due to unrealistic beauty standards. 

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