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‘I’m Trolled For Being Fat But I’d Hate To Be Skinny, I’d Never Earn As Much’

Body Positivity

‘I’m Trolled For Being Fat But I’d Hate To Be Skinny, I’d Never Earn As Much’

Being confident is the key!

There’s literally nothing that will push Olivia Messina to go to the GYM. She’s very proud to be a plus-size model, and being bigger has made her MORE successful. The 27-Year-old is known on Instagram for flaunting her size 22 body in skimpy ensembles while promoting body positivity.

But while the Canada-based is applauded for embracing her true self, she is trolled in equal measure by bullies. 

via Olivia Messina/Instagram

The cruel remarks hinged on Messina’s appearance emerged after a video of hers, posted to TikTok, racked up hundreds of thousands of views in a few hours. In the clip, she allegedly popped a pair of tiny eighties gym shorts and a crop top on her super sexy 23-stone body before doing her face in full glam makeup.

As anyone would have, Messina felt amazing, but trolls told her she was disgusting and should be going to the gym rather than sharing videos.

via Olivia Messina/Instagram

She told Fabulous: “But instead, I jiggled, wiggled, and shake around in my super skimpy outfit showing off my plus size legs, belly rolls, size 22 body and 44H b**bs.” 

“I refuse to work out daily like the bullies tell me I should. If I did, I’d end up like some people who lose weight and are unhappy with their bodies and lives – when I’d much rather be fat and fabulous. I’d lose my social media followers and income, and I’d be miserable. By taking on my trolls and flaunting my size, I was showing them they could do their worst. 

via Olivia Messina/Instagram

Messina insisted she refused to comply with their view of how her body should look and kept shaking her big beautiful woman’s body in their faces. 

She continued: “Within days, the video posted in June 2021 had racked up over five million views. I’d gone viral and become a social media star. I was getting hundreds of thousands of messages of support from people all over the world telling me I was ‘uber-glam,’ inspirational, a Queen, and a Goddess.” Some cruel comments included ‘stop promoting obesity and ‘how’s the life expectancy going?’

Some told Messina she was a bad influence and urged her to drink bleach. She was also called stupid.

“That makes me laugh because I have two university degrees including graduating in 2019 from York University in Canada with a Masters in Social Studies. I’m not bothered by the criticism, people can say what they like. I won’t be fat shamed, plenty of people love the way I look; in fact, I get dozens of marriage proposals a week.” However, Messina hasn’t always been this positive, and her journey to self-love took over one-quarter of a century. 

When she was 14, Messina was a size 16; by the time she graduated high school in June 2013, she was a size 18-20.

via Olivia Messina/Instagram

She explained: “I was always the ‘fat friend’ accepted by the girls because I was overweight and not a threat. Boys, especially young lads were vicious labeling me a cow, a fat arse and lard butt. In July 2017 I was my heaviest, hitting 24st and at five foot nine that does make me technically morbidly obese with a score of 50. If you believe the BMI index that puts me at a greater risk of diabetes, heart disease and early death.”

via Olivia Messina/Instagram

Thankfully, she soon realized that being skinny wasn’t the answer to happiness, but she had to love herself inside and out. 

Currently, Messina is single, but the men who ask her out have always been athletic, average build, and they love her big figure. “They can’t get enough of my confidence and body positivity. And yes I often get jealous looks from girls struggling to work why the man is dating me. I have thousands of big girls telling me I inspire them and they wish they could have confidence. I get frustrated because people automatically assume people who are plus size aren’t healthy. I walk, I eat healthy, and in my opinion, obesity is a state of mind.” 

In all, her plus-size empire is growing, and fans can’t get enough of Messina’s body, her confidence, skimpy dance videos, tutorials, and fashion styling. 

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