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Woman Hits At Trolls Who Say She’s Destroying Feminism For Cooking Her Husband 3 Meals A Day


Woman Hits At Trolls Who Say She’s Destroying Feminism For Cooking Her Husband 3 Meals A Day

“It’s my love language.”

Sonali Arora is very independent and career-driven, yet she enjoys making three different meals per day for her husband, Nipun. The Melbourne-based regularly posts her recipe videos and how she packages her husband’s lunchboxes on TikTok, thrilling her audience with creations. 

But sadly, most of her videos have been met with backlash, with people calling her a 1950s housewife who’s destroying feminism

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The 26-Year-Old is also accused of destroying women’s liberation, but Sonali has tried not to let the mean comments get to her and has been deleting such responses. Examples are: “This is satire, right?” And another: “I don’t think I have ever packed a lunch for my husband, not his mother.” 

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A third had harshly said: “Being proud of this is my worst nightmare. As they say – Being a master’s favorite dog is still of having a master and being a dog.” 

A fourth had also asked: “Ever heard of the saying making a rod for your own back?” Addressing the backlash in an interview with FEMAIL, Sonali said: “If it’s not people coming for the portion sizes, it’s them attacking my husband without even knowing him, calling him a two-year-old, saying he’s misogynistic or I am in the 1950s.”

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@sonali.arora_xx A day filled with cheeky food, but you have to treat yo self and your soul also ❤️❤️ #cookingformyhusband #dinnerideas #quickrecipes #easyrecipe #foodtok #whatieatinaday #burger #breakfast #wifegoals #wifelife #husbandwife #couplegoals #love #cooking ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

She added: “You get a bit defensive about the person you love, especially when they’re being picked on in the wrong light.”  

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Sonali, who works in cyber security from home, said further the assumptions the online trolls make about her marriage couldn’t be far from the truth, while admitting her husband is the sweetest, most supportive, and least misogynistic person to ever be on this planet. She continued: “We have a good thing going, we divide all the house chores. After I cook, he’s cleaning the dishes. I don’t touch that.”

“He is also responsible for cleaning all the bathrooms and vacuuming the floors,” Sonali insisted.

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Notably, cooking is something she loves, and that’s also her love language. It brings Sonali joy and makes her even happier when she sees her husband’s reaction to the creations she has put together. Despite the hate online, Sonali gets just as many, if not more, positive responses and refuses to let haters stop her from sharing her passion. 

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From now on, Sonali will continue posting her meals and hopes to help people get diverse ideas.

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