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Guy Uses Unwanted Coolers To Make Winter Shelters For Stray Cats


Guy Uses Unwanted Coolers To Make Winter Shelters For Stray Cats

Do a little kindness, we all are living creatures!

Stray animals face a challenging time during winter. Once the temperature drop, these homeless furry friends are still roaming about in an open environment, while we (humans) sit cozily and warmly at home.

Fortunately, there are, however, good people out there who are doing all they can to ensure that stray animals have a warm place to lay their heads.

And Philip Rogich is one of the many rare concern human beings. Based in Ogden, Utah, Philip is turning other people’s unwanted trash into homes for stray and feral cats. He uses discarded coolers and turns them into warm and dry places for felines.

More info: Facebook Instructions on how to build a shelter

‘The cooler keeps things cold. So, we’re going to use it to keep these animals warm’ Philip said


Usually, the cooler keeps things cold. We’re going to use it to keep animals warm. I actually have a 6-inch drill bit and then once the hole is drilled, you can use some pipe insulation to pad it up.’ Philip told the Fox13 news outlet.

About two to three cats can fit into a cooler of this size!


Philip added: ‘Feral cats disappear, get overlooked and they get cold in wintertime too, they’re living creatures.’


Speaking to Bored Panda, Philip further revealed: ‘People get to donate coolers, money, and straw. I had no idea this was going to get so big. It officially started through a Facebook post asking for old cooler, then the local fox station did a story on me and it went national. I am excited to be a catalyst for bringing a little good to our four-legged feline friends.’

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