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‘I’m The World’s Hottest Scientist, I Love Posting Daring Snaps’


‘I’m The World’s Hottest Scientist, I Love Posting Daring Snaps’

The cuddly amphibian seemed at ease in Rosie’s care.

Rosie Moore is no stranger to taking risks. Her Instagram page of over 63K followers tells of it as she regularly posts daring images of herself with beasts like alligators and poisonous reptiles. The newest sees the 26-Year-Old letting a poisonous beast crawl over her chest in a daring video. 

The beast is a cane toad, described as an invasive species in Florida that can be confused for native southern toads. 

 Jam Press/Synima

The self-acclaimed ‘world’s sexiest scientist’ explained that cane toads can produce a milky white toxin on their back when provoked, adding: “This substance is particularly dangerous to house pets and can leave them distressed or dead in minutes.” She affectionately called the toad ‘Meatloaf’ and its zookeeper is Jenna Marie.

Jam Press

In the video, the scientist allowed the toad to crawl on her chest, and as seen it didn’t produce any white toxins, suggesting Meatloaf was comfortable in Rosie’s hands. 

Jam Press Vid
Jam Press Vid

The Florida Atlantic University graduate, who also describes herself as a master free diver didn’t appear frightened as she held the chubby cane toad and further advised in the clip: “If you see a large toad and are worried it may harm your pet, look for the ridges on the head! Cane toads do not have ridges on their heads like southern toads.” 

Jam Press/omalleymso

The move has, however, attracted comments, with one writing: “One clingy toad. Can only imagine why.” Someone else wrote: “Huge frog. What if you lick [its] back what happens? LSD?” Another joked: “But will he [Meatloaf] do anything for love?” While a third added: “Not the cuddliest of critters!” Someone also asked: “Did you try kissing it? To which Rosie replied: “Twice.” 

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