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One-In-Two-Million Rare Bright Blue Lobster Caught by A Lucky Fishermen


One-In-Two-Million Rare Bright Blue Lobster Caught by A Lucky Fishermen

The gorgeous creature looked very much out of this world.

A rare catch was reported in Maine, US, as a fisherman shares a shocking picture of a bright blue lobster. The shockingly bizarre sighting that is new for many received over half a million likes on Twitter when it was shared by tech entrepreneur Lars-Johan Larsson.

“This blue Lobster was caught off the coast of Portland yesterday,” he wrote in the viral tweet.

The lobster was “returned to the water to continue to grow.” He added, “Blue lobsters are one in two million.”

Bright blue lobsters, as shown in the picture, happen due to a genetic abnormality that caused the protein crustacyanin to be produced above the normal level.

Just last week, Matt Lewis from the Pembrokeshire coast of Wales reported another bright blue lobster.

He told the Western Telegraph, “While we catch various dark blue and color variants, I was surprised to see such a blue lobster.”

The animal was donated to the Ocean Lab in Goodwick. The lobster will be displayed in an aquarium in Sea Trust’s Sea Mor for a while before it’s returned to the water when winter comes.

Because of how rare they are, fishermen believe encountering one during one of their sails is a sign of good luck. Blue lobsters aren’t usually eaten and the bright blue moon shade is rare because it causes them to stand out against the typically brown rocks they live in.

Another fisherman from Penzance, Cornwall, also found one last year in his lobster pot. The 25-year-old from Newlyn let got the small lobster and recalled it as a “very lucky” encounter since it was just his second fishing season.

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