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Bees Are Now Officially Announced To Be The Most Important Beings On Planet


Bees Are Now Officially Announced To Be The Most Important Beings On Planet

Are you joining the awareness?

Scientists have revealed that bees have become the single most significant animal on planet Earth. Very significant that even the presence of humans is at stake once the bee populations go wild – fortunately becoming a truth.

An environmental charity – The Earthwatch Institute aiming to work for the good of the entire planet revealed in the Royal Geographical Society that bees are now the most significant being living on the planet.


But while numerous species of bees have been placed on the list of endangered animals, researches also revealing a rapid decline in their population.

Jason Riedy

According to a report seen, Greenpeace Report, an estimated 60 to 90% of the food consumed by humans needs the assistance of pollinators, including bees to reproduce. The percentage entails a variety of vegetables, seeds, nuts, and fruits, many of which are eaten daily.

On the other hand, as the bee population dwindles, the Earth’s biodiversity is equally affected, possibly affecting other species as well as causing a domino impact in that regard.


Using the almond plants as an example, the ASAP Science revealed that Almonds largely relies on pollination in order to produce an almond nut – meaning when there are no bees, there’s no almonds, cattle, and chicken. Humans will be affected by having less milk and meat.

Alexandre Dulaunoy

This is, however, also besides the fact that there are multi-billionaire dollar industries that also heavily rely on bees for products like honey, wax, bee bread and nectar.


Nevertheless, a lot of NGOs and groups are creating awareness with the aim of stopping the rapid global decline in bee populations.

Are you joining the awareness?

Here’s How The Internet Reacted To the Significant of Bees:

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