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“I’m Size 22 & I Gave Up On Love – Now I Have A Baby With A Guy Half My Size”


“I’m Size 22 & I Gave Up On Love – Now I Have A Baby With A Guy Half My Size”

The pair have rubbished claims they won’t last because of their size difference.

The partners of Brittany Montgomery had always told her to lose weight and slim down from her size 22, 257lbs body. As a result, the 24-Year-Old struggled with self-confidence for years and, at one point, started working out, trying to change her size. Equally, she gave up on the hope of ever finding someone who loved her for who she is. 

But soon, Brittany realized if she worked herself into a body, she was not happy with; she wouldn’t love herself. 

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She also realized that changing herself would be for someone else’s perception of beauty. Now, the obese care worker has found true love again and has a baby with her fitness instructor husband, Matt Montgomery. The Ontario, Canada-based met with Matt, 23, on Facebook and got on well from their first date before tying the knot in 2021.

“We hit it off right away from moment we met. I was a bit hesitant at first. I’ve been in relationships where guys have told me they will dump me if don’t start dieting or trying to lose weight,” Brittany shared.

Matt, who weighs 140lb, explained he was attracted to Brittany’s body-positive message and that his past relationships with slimmer women suffered because of their body insecurities. “I’ve been in previous relationships with skinny girls, and they’ve not been happy in themselves at all. They weren’t positive people, or they constantly felt like they needed to change things about themselves, and it got me down too.”

“When I met Britt she was so confident in her body, I loved that about her, she doesn’t want to change anything and I would never ask her to.”

“I love food as well, so that’s a plus. I’m not worried about tracking her calories or dieting. I just want her to eat what she wants and be happy.” Accordingly, the couple is celebrating having expanded their family, with Britany giving birth to a baby boy. Taking to their joint Instagram @themontgomeryss, the pair shared an array of posts since the baby’s birth in March. 

“Purest of love,” reads the caption of their baby’s post, which shows the boy sleeping, curled up on a grey knitted blanket, donning a grey beanie with ears.

A close-up of the baby’s face followed, along with two clips that showed the birthing process and Matt’s reaction to his newborn son. In May, an Instagram post showed an image of Brittany and Matt on the porch outside their home, captioned: “Just like our first date but post-baby.” However, the pair had announced their engagement in January 2021 when Matt asked her to marry him in a snow-covered candlelit setting.

At the time, trolls urged they shouldn’t be together, but the couple was unbothered and claimed they wanted to see more mixed-weight relationships. 

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