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Neuroscientist Becomes Stripper Says, “I’m Rich With No Regrets”


Neuroscientist Becomes Stripper Says, “I’m Rich With No Regrets”

Earns more than her wealthy parents.

Mercedes Valentine has given her family and friends the shock of their life after she decided to pursue pole dancing instead of a career as a neuroscientist. The 21-Year-Old had graduated from University with a first-class degree in neuroscience and was considering following in the steps of her doctor’s parents, who make a combined income of $260K yearly. 

But as the British woman has turned her back, Mercedes now reportedly earns more than her parents since becoming a stripper and OnlyFans star. 

via mercedesthedancerxo/Instagram

The brainy blonde is quite a warrior, having suffered an Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome when she was 15. The condition left her wheelchair-bound, but she learned how to walk again, undergoing two years of strenuous physical therapy. Mercedes then joined the university gym as she pumped with newfound energy, where she signed up for weekly pole dancing lessons. 

When she concluded her degree, a friend opined she gave stripping a shot, and YES, she didn’t say NO. 

via mercedesthedancerxo/Instagram

“My parents are both doctors, and they know what I do, but my dad can’t bring himself to say pole dancer and instead opts for pole gymnastics. I think at; first, they were a bit shocked I didn’t follow the path they had in mind for me. We’re a family of doctors and my sister is a lawyer, so this is a bit different,” Mercedes told Jam Press. Notably, she started work at a strip club in January 2020, a few months before the COVID-19 lockdowns. 

But as her financial status dropped, the dancer resorted to OnlyFans to show off her pole dancing skills. 

This venture has since earned her over $250K within the past year while placing her in the top 0.1% of the website creators. Since they reopened, Mercedes has returned to strip clubs, walking around and wriggling her bum cheeks while making hundreds of pounds a night. While her OnlyFans account is still on, she’s sure to win new fans.

However, Mercedes’ parents’ have even come around to her Kinky career and are now really supportive. 

via mercedesthedancerxo/Instagram

On the other hand, the exotic dancer has insisted: “I have no regrets – I absolutely love it.” 

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