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“I Fell In Love With ‘World’s Smallest Stripper’ – Trolls Mock Us But We Don’t Care”


“I Fell In Love With ‘World’s Smallest Stripper’ – Trolls Mock Us But We Don’t Care”

Their height difference and age gap is the bone of contention.

Sassee Cassee and her BF Blake face daily criticisms from strangers regarding their relationship, but the duo remains determined it won’t stop them from getting married. The couple is so in love with each other that they recently decided to move in together after just a month of dating, claiming they had an instant attraction.

Sassee Cassee, “the world’s smallest stripper,” is trolled for dating a teenager, 19, who’s twice her height.

She told Truly she had received cruel comments on her social media since she began dating Blake.

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With their relationship in the public eye, the couple receives hateful comments as people aim at their height difference and age gap. 32-Year-Old Sassee, who’s 2ft10in tall, makes money using OnlyFans. She had met with 19-Year-Old Blake [5ft7in] via Facebook dating in 2021. However, the cruel comments have prompted the stripper to reflect on her initial concerns that Blake isn’t ready for a relationship. 

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The pair are targets of trolls because of their 13-year age gap and height difference.

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Sassee stands at 2 feet 10, while her beau Blake towers over her at 5 feet 7.

“I had to get to know him a little bit first because of the age thing. You know, it was scary,” Sassee told Truly, adding that the next hurdle was revealing her unusual job, which earned her global attention during the past decade. When she first started talking to Blake, Sassee shared she was out in Vegas, and he had asked: “Oh, what are you doing out there?” 

Sassee was born with cartilage hair hypoplasia, a disorder of bone growth.

But the exotic dancer has capitalized on her disability and now boasts of a popular OnlyFans account.

So she replied him with, “I told him, “I am the world’s smallest stripper, and Blake’s like ‘Oh cool. That’s fun. Blake doesn’t seem to care. He’s like, ‘I care about you for you. People that are attracted to little people can just be attracted to them because they find them beautiful. They like their personality.” Similarly, Blake insisted he loved Sassee and plans to take their relationship to the next level. 

After initially connecting on Facebook Dating, Blake learned about Sassee’s racy job and isn’t bothered.

He told Truly he loves Sassee and plans to take their relationship to the next level – settling down.

Speaking with Truly, he claimed the OnlyFans star is a kindhearted person and that he loves her very much and makes him happy. “She smiles. We laugh together. I’m trying to find a relationship and settle down. I’m not trying to play around.” He concluded with: “I think age is just a number.” Nonetheless, Sassee was diagnosed with cartilage-hair hyperplasia when she was little. 

He also clarified he isn’t worried that Sassee is 13 years his senior, saying: “Age is just a number.”

Sassee and Blake have since moved in together after just a month of dating.

It causes a disorder of bone growth categorized by short stature and other skeletal abnormalities. Like people with dwarfism, she developed unusually short limbs and abnormally flexible joints. Most doctors have claimed her condition could limit her life span and capabilities. But then, her flexibility has become her greatest strength. 

The couple has joint investments, including a car.

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