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16 Celeb Couples With Huge Age Gaps That Prove Love Has No Boundaries


16 Celeb Couples With Huge Age Gaps That Prove Love Has No Boundaries

Matthew McConaughey, Bruce Willis, Ryan Reynolds, and more.

Is age really just a number when it comes to love? It’s true that when you have a huge age gap, you might not find a lot of things in common. Your conversations might not click and it’s easy to get bored when you don’t really enjoy each other’s company. That’s why hanging out with peers is often an easier way to pass the time.

But these couples show that age is truly just a number, against the odds and common beliefs. And as celebrities, the spotlight is often on them, yet, time only proves their loyalty. Their love stays strong as ever and perhaps, age was never a challenge for them.

Matthew McConaughey (53) and Camila Alves (40). 12 years.


Mick Jagger (79) and Melanie Hamrick (35). 44 years.

mickjagger, melhamrick

Dick Van Dyke (96) and Arlene Silver (51). 46 years.

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Richard Gere (73) and Alejandra Silva (39). 34 years.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (35) and Jason Statham (55). 20 years.

Marc Anthony (54) and Nadia Ferreira (23). 31 years.

marcanthony, nadiatferreira, nadiatferreira

Bruce Willis (67) and Emma Heming (44). 23 years.


Blake Lively (35) and Ryan Reynolds (46). 11 years.


David Foster (73) and Katharine McPhee (38). 35 years.

Mel Gibson (66) and Rosalind Ross (32). 34 years.

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Sarah Paulson (47) and Holland Taylor (79). 32 years.


David Hasselhoff (70) and Hayley Roberts (43). 28 years.


Jeff Goldblum (70) and Emilie Livingston (39). 31 years.


Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender. 11 years.

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John Stamos (59) and Caitlin McHugh (36). 23 years.

Patrick Stewart (82) and Sunny Ozell (43). 38 years.

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