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‘I’ve Extreme Swelling In My Legs, But I Stopped Caring What Trolls Have To Say’


‘I’ve Extreme Swelling In My Legs, But I Stopped Caring What Trolls Have To Say’

Loving your body begins with unlearning.

Carmen Rene suffers from Lymphedema, yet she has decided to write her story. The 32-Year-Old gets cruel comments criticizing her body type and body shape, but Rene has been shooing away all the trolls and has turned her Instagram account into a success.

Carmen Rene was diagnosed with an incurable condition called Lymphedema at age three.

The condition causes abnormal swelling and discomfort, most commonly in her legs or arms. 

At age 3, Rene, known as @eatthecaketoo, was diagnosed with the condition, and she also found out she had lipedema. She has also been heavily bullied, but Rene has had enough and would subsequently not permit people’s opinions about her body to make her feel bad about herself.

Soon after, the influencer found out she had Lymphedema and Lipedema combined.

It took 32-Year-Old Rene years to find the confidence and love for her body.

However, every day isn’t perfect or comfortable as she deals with the pain of her condition. Managing them daily implies wearing compression garments like leggings and tights and doing low-impact exercises like cycling or swimming to boost her circulation and keep her feet elevated to reduce swelling. 

And, of course, she no longer allows people’s opinions to make her feel bad about herself. 

Rene is known for her Instagram handle, Eat The Cake Too, a brand that preaches “make your own rules.” 

“We look at fat and plus-size bodies, and we instantly place judgment or try to assess someone’s health based on their size, and we know that we can’t do that based on appearance. Lipedema is a struggle for many women because it’s like you’re trying to lose weight to fit into this mold, and there’s nothing you can do. You can’t change it.” Rene told Health.

If you’re looking to get out from under society’s unrealistic beauty standards, Rene has got YOU.

The influencer hopes that we all can see every size/shape in major fashion/beauty campaigns one day.

She had also launched the “eat the cake” concept, which is her Instagram handle because she was tired of listening to ridiculous beauty standards. Rene intended to show people that they can be and look different and still have everything. With a follower of over 162K and a spot on Amber Rose’s SlutWalk speaking roster, Rene has made a name for herself as a body acceptance and lymphedema warrior.

Rene, who’s branded a lymphedema warrior, doesn’t want anyone to feel unseen or underrepresented.

She added: “Apparently, on social media and this crazy Instagram world [showing off my body] is still something brave that people want to see. I’m happy to showcase bigger bodies in a confident light and normalize us doing everything – swimming, being with our partners, wearing lingerie, and just being comfortable.”

Rene has learned to see her worth in a society that profits off of insecurities despite trolls online.

In managing her condition, Rene wears compression socks & does active low-impact exercise.

Sharing her body and lifestyle on Instagram did bring some drawbacks, like mean messages from trolls. Rene recalled the worst one she got: her legs looked like elephants’ trunks, which made her cry. But then, she now has her philosophy regarding why people choose to be mean on the internet. 

Growing up as a plus-size had its challenges, but Rene soon realized it was OK to be different.

Rene recalled the worst comment she got: her legs looked like elephants’ trunks, which made her cry.

Rene claimed that people who take the time to tear someone down online directly reflect what they’re going through. “I felt bad for that person. I wish they were in a better space about how they feel about themselves. But for every bad comment, there are plenty of good ones from those she inspires.” 

The influencer now believes that people who try to tear someone down reflect what they’re going through.

Despite the nasty comments, there are plenty of good ones from those Rene inspires.

Nonetheless, Rene hopes the images of her body shared online will encourage other women with the same conditions to stop hiding theirs. On the other hand, she is about to design body-positive apparel, starting with  Thick Pack and All Bodies Are Good Bodies; her personal experiences inspire both. In all, she believes anyone can genuinely have it all as a plus-size person. 

Rene is about to launch body-positive apparel, starting with Thick Pack and All Bodies Are Good Bodies.

In all, she believes anyone can genuinely have it all as a plus-size person. 

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