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Young Mum Makes $28k A Month Making Unusual Request Videos For Her Fans


Young Mum Makes $28k A Month Making Unusual Request Videos For Her Fans

“It’s given me the opportunity to embrace my body and have more confidence.”

Audrey Aura had once been self-conscious of her weight but has since learned to love her figure after gaining a legion of subscribers. It has allowed her to embrace her body shape and size, including having more confidence in herself and opening her eyes to seeing how many people really have an interest in plus-size women.

When the 23-Year-Old launched OnlyFans, she made just $14 monthly, but by January this year, she pulled in thousands – with most of the earnings coming from custom requests. 

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With 28,400 Instagram followers, the body positivity influencer shares sexy photos and videos on OnlyFans, where people pay her a monthly amount to access her content. Some even pay extra for special, personalized clips. According to Daily Mail Australia, Audrey shared some of her fans even want to watch her jiggling her fat or doing n*ked jumping jacks. 

Currently, the plus-size Instagram model earns $38,000 a month and continually gets weird requests.

via Instagram

“I was super surprised when my first custom request was simply a video of myself star-jumping, but nude. I was more than willing to comply, but it definitely wasn’t the most comfortable thing I’ve done physically speaking. Large br**sts and jumping don’t go well together, even when a sports bra is involved.” Audrey added that many of her special requests aren’t actually X-rated as many also involve jiggling her stomach or legs or wandering around showing off her body fat.

“I think it’s empowering to know that plus-size people aren’t always as disgusting like society portrays us and there are people who see us as beautiful and sexy.” 

Audrey has even received lists of video requests with storylines, slow-motion video clips, and more. Such videos, according to the young mom, such videos were fun and usually not risqué – so she prefers them. Interestingly, her husband even helps her with filming when she needs to try out alternative angles. However, Audrey declines some requests but would never shame anyone for their fetish. 

The money she’s making means the long hours are worth it & her mental health has equally improved, especially when it comes to her body confidence. 

Nonetheless, her coaching career, launched in March 2021, has since attracted a huge 300 creators as students – so they don’t have to struggle on low pay for months. 

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