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Plus-Size Model Slams Clothing Stores For ‘Not Catering To Bigger Bodies’


Plus-Size Model Slams Clothing Stores For ‘Not Catering To Bigger Bodies’

A really long way to go with size inclusivity.

Plus-Size Model Riley Hemson recently went out shopping to find some new outfits for a last-minute holiday, but the trip did remind the businesswoman and influencer “just how far we still have to go with size inclusivity.” Addressing the issue on Instagram, where she boasts of over 400K followers, Riley slammed clothing stores for not catering to bigger bodies.

“Yesterday I went clothes shopping in store and I was reminded of just how far we still have to go with size inclusivity.”

Riley, who runs her size-inclusive clothing brand named Remmie by Riley, added: “In the world, I have created for myself, we have made so many incredible steps for bigger bodies, I guess I had been in a comfy bubble. Shopping online with a handful of stores that stock my size, surrounded by brands and people who are making a change.”

via healthychick101/Instagram

“I am heading away on a last-minute holiday [yay], so there was no time for shipping. I went into countless stores, willing to pay whatever I needed to buy a bunch of clothes.” 

“Digging to the back of the racks to find the biggest size in the store (that’s if it wasn’t out of stock), asking the shop assistant what size they go up to before I get my hopes up, holding items up to see how much give the fabric has. I grabbed a bunch of stuff in one store in particular to try on, feeling hopeful.”

via healthychick101/Instagram

“I don’t know what I was surprised when basically none of the items went past my knees. Every other store was the same.”

Riley admitted she felt that familiar rush over her, and it was literally a pit in her stomach, especially as she was left embarrassed, disappointed, angry, upset, and just so disheartened. She also stated the thoughts come flooding in that she would probably have fit into the pants and possibly skipped lunch if she had lost weight.

She continued: “I took a deep breath, remembered who I am and what I stand for.” In conclusion of her message, Riley expressed: “To all my plus size besties out there, I’m with you – we deserve better. We deserve to be seen and heard. We deserve to be included. Clothes are meant to fit YOU; you’re not meant to fit into the clothes. I promise to keep using my platform to be the voice to push for the overdue change.”

The model then shared a pic of herself in a changing room amid the shopping trip with all the clothes she was planning to try on.

via healthychick101/Instagram

So far, people have supported the influencer while admitting they had a similar experience with shopping in stores. One person wrote: “This hit me so hard. I’m last-minute shopping for a trip too and found no clothing at all that fits my body. I cried so much this week.” 

via healthychick101/Instagram

Another said: “Thank you for sharing! Why am I 26 (size 16-18) and still having the same issues I was having in high school!? Not good enough.” A third stated: “Thank you. This was honestly me yesterday. I cried in the dressing room. Trying to find cute business attire in store as a curvy girl was impossible. A fourth stated: “Feel seen, that material stretch test though.”

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