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Plus-Size Model Challenges Beauty Standards And Launched Her Own Burlesque Troupe


Plus-Size Model Challenges Beauty Standards And Launched Her Own Burlesque Troupe

Such an inspiration!

The availability of plus-size clothing is getting better as of late, but it doesn’t mean we should stop and be satisfied here. Clothing of various sizes still proves to be a challenge to fulfill. The internet is always filled with complaints by users who find XXL and even triple-XL to be so inadequately small.

Carina Shero is another figure who finally tapped into the fashion world with her own brand.

She’s a US-based plus-size model and the owner of ‘The Femme FATales,’ a burlesque troupe based in Chicago.

She shares that the mission her new brand has is “to transform the way society perceives fat people.”

Carina loves shooting boudoir photoshoots and motivates others through sharing pictures of herself.

Despite her beaming confidence, Carina has had her own share of struggles in life, particularly with PCOS.

Dubbing herself the ‘Fatphrodite,’ Carina shared that at the age of 16, she was told she would have problems having children.

She experienced a miscarriage at the age of 20.

PCOS, or Polycystic ovary syndrome, is a condition where more male hormones exist than women’s, causing an imbalance that lead to irregular menstrual cycles and difficulties in conceiving.

Carina originally came from Germany and moved to the US at the age of 18 fifteen years ago.

She also has her own boudoir photography business! And her photography is special as it’s aimed at plus-size customers.

Carina has made it her passion and mission to always lift up other women with her boudoir and burlesque-theme pictures. Due to her risky pictures, she’s often at risk of being de-platformed.

“I want to post photos of my body in lingerie or implied nudes because I am committed to transforming the way that society perceives fat bodies and fat people and the way we perceive ourselves.”

“I post my body because it literally saves lives.”

She’s also recovering from Covid, so go send her uplifting messages or check out her burlesque store!

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