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14 Celebrities Share Their ‘Imperfect’ Pics To Ignite Body Positivity


14 Celebrities Share Their ‘Imperfect’ Pics To Ignite Body Positivity

No more body-shaming!

It is about time that people understand in general how most of us are not dressing up just so random strangers think we’re pretty. Many of us even hope that we stay out of people’s radar while we go about our life. Because judging eyes are scary and it’s suffocating having to think what some nameless extras in your life will think about your leg hair or slightly unkempt hair at the grocery store.

These celebrities showed up in style without a single care about people who might get scared of their body hair or sleepy eyes. Makeup is not a necessity, shaving is not a requirement, and fat is normal. Actually, adequate fat is necessary for health, so who are people to judge having a bit of them?

#1 Ashley Graham

ashleygraham / Instagram

#2 Rihanna

badgalriri / Instagram

#3 Julia Michaels

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

#4 Brooklyn Decker

 brooklyndecker / Instagram

#5 Lourdes Leon

Madonna / Twitter

#6 Vanessa Williams

vanessawilliamsofficial / Instagram

#7 Bekah Martinez

bekah / Instagram

#8 Jennifer Lopez

jlo / Instagram

#9 Chrissy Teigen

chrissyteigen / Instagram

#10 Amy Schumer

amyschumer / Instagram

#11 Cindy Crawford

cindycrawford / Instagram

#12 Jessica Simpson

jessicasimpson / Instagram

#13 Jennifer Garner and Juliette Lewis

jennifer.garner / Instagram

#14 Sarah Hyland

sarahhyland / Instagram

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