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Bearded Woman Vows Never To Shave Even As Trolls Asked ‘What Are You?’

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Bearded Woman Vows Never To Shave Even As Trolls Asked ‘What Are You?’

LaRae sought to raise awareness about her hirsutism caused by PCOS.

Californian-based, LaRae Perkins, was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) at age 12. The condition is characterized by irregular periods & the excess production of the male hormone, androgen, causing the unusual female hair growth she has, medically referred to as hirsutism. 

And as a result, she has become the target of trolls, especially as she remains determined to notify people about the condition. 


LaRae also set out to inspire other women to embrace who they are. Initially, it was very challenging when she was diagnosed with the syndrome. LaRae felt ashamed and alone at the time. Adding salt to injury, unsympathetic bullies would troll her asking if she was a woman or a man. “What are you?” some would mock her. 


LaRae is, however, a woman, and she has learned to love herself for who she is.

The bearded lady decided to embrace her ‘uniqueness’, vowing never to shave her facial hair. She also started a clothing line for body positivity. “Yes, I’m a girl” is the slogan on her clothing designs. “I have embraced my hirsutism by learning to love myself despite what others may think or have comments about, and I want to lead by example for others,” LaRae, according to DailyStar, said. 

Photos of LaRae show conspicuous sideburns joined to the rear of her hairline, noticeable from her early age.


The American acknowledged she would be a hypocrite if she didn’t learn to love herself, explaining, “The only thing mentioned at the time was that I had a higher percentage of male hormones known as androgen than most women. All women have androgen. [When I started having] irregular menstrual cycles, that is how [I was diagnosed], my body was struggling to start a period. I had to be put on birth control pills to regulate it.”

LaRae admitted to being offered treatments, including laser hair removal, but refused to accept them. 


The fashion designer continued: “Treatments include laser hair removal, waxing, and shaving. I love my face and skin too much to destroy or cause more issues by trying to remove something that will never go away, and I have no control over it.” Speaking of the trolls, LaRae emphasized nothing hurts more than being asked, “What are you but has grown a tough skin, causing her to choose happiness over ignorance. 


She lamented. “The internet can be cruel but I am hoping my journey inspires others to embrace who they are.”

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“I had to begin loving the person I see in the mirror, telling her she is beautiful every day and it doesn’t matter what clothes I choose to wear. I’m still that beautiful being I’m looking at,” LaRae further encouraged people with abnormal conditions not to try to fit in this world and urged them to love themselves with their flaws to be respected.


“It has been the greatest journey and I am so glad I did it and if because of me even one woman feels she can embrace her natural self then I will have something to be proud of, it will have been worth it.”

“I will never shave because I love my face and don’t want to cause more issues than just having a beard, my appearance is important to me, and having skin that has dark marks, pigmentation, or even razor bumps would make me sad and feel less beautiful. I took the chance by standing out and using my voice to bring awareness and respect to all women with facial hair.”

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