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Gen Z Gals Are Ditching Razors To Normalize Their Body Hair


Gen Z Gals Are Ditching Razors To Normalize Their Body Hair

It’s sexy and empowering!

Billions of dollars are spent on advertisements for razors, creams, waxing, and lasers, among others. The goal has remained the same: the preach that being hairless will make women and girls appear more beautiful and desirable. And as a result, many women have fallen victim, spending their monthly earnings on products for hair removal. But thankfully, the Gen Z generation has claimed enough is enough, and that body/facial hair removal isn’t worth the cost, both emotionally and financially. 

The pro-hair community is now undeniably seeing growth, and despite being faced with rude comments, most women are strongly breaking away from what they’re used to and shoving away the societal expectations on hair removal. Across different social media platforms, #BodyHairIsNatural has become a hit with people from different backgrounds protecting one another. It’s pretty incredible, and YES, it’s not about forcing anyone to be hairy, but then it’s about loving oneself.

People naturally adore models with perfect skin and body shapes, including no body hair. Well, those images are undeniably illusions, and to prove this, model Elyanna Sanchez had explained that people have never cared if she shaved her body. The 25-Year-Old Instagram influencer also insisted it’s something that feels natural and certainly a part of her modeling career.

The model who shares her time between Los Angeles and Manhattan had appeared in a 2019 underwear Ad for Calvin Klein, showing off her fluffy underarms. 

Courtesy of Elyanna Sanchez

Many women have long felt that they are not worth anything if they don’t fit into a specific body appearance. This thinking has since launched a competition among women to be all perfect. Women are beginning to forget they’re just humans, and flaws remain inevitable. Thankfully, @dani_thelight isn’t one of such women as she’s downright proud and confident of her body hair. 

Courtesy of Virali Patel

Virali Patel, who recently stopped shaving after 20 years of shaving and waxing, now feels many women are tired of changing themselves to fit in society’s definition of beautiful. The 28-Year-Old reportedly insisted that smooth skin being sexy and having hair makes women look manly and unworthy of love isn’t true. 

Bailey Bullock

Sydney Jordan isn’t willing to shave, and that’s part of her brand. And despite being warned by her agent that body hair isn’t industry standard, the 25-Year-Old doesn’t care and has been putting in all the effort to normalize body hair. 

Courtesy of Chante Glover

Chante Glover had first started growing out her body hair in 2016 and at the time felt pretty alone in her friend’s group. But so far, the 29-Year-Old has found the change empowering, telling her followers there’s no shame in what we are and in embracing what we are. She insisted: “I find having body hair to be a sign of confidence and adulthood.”

Creativity has no limits, the same as body hair. When you love and embrace it, you can have fun and be courageous. Just as @unleashyoursuperpowers has shown that body hair can be turned into works of art, it’s equally a way of asserting that body hair is a gift and not a curse, plus it can be dyed into your favorite colors.

Gen Z women, including @angelicakeele, are, normalizing not shaving to break the cycle of beauty expectations. Hairy or not, there seems to be much more to someone’s worth and beauty. And with the hashtag #bodyhairisnatural trending, people are flaunting their hair without care.

@hazlsradworld Body hair is beautiful! 🥰 #hazlsradworld #bodyhairisnatural #womenempowerment ♬ Hunger – AURORA

One thing to keep in mind is that the trend isn’t about bullying people into being hairy. As @hazlsradworld has reiterated via her TikTok clips, it’s instead about choosing what’s right without people inserting their judgments on you, even if it means shaming someone else. 

@ebaraa just saying. #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #bodyhair #bodyhairisnatural ♬ original sound – baraa

People are stepping up with this social movement. While everyone, including You, experiences expectations regarding body appearance, it turns out most are gendered. Mainly, women are harshly judged for having body/facial hair, but fortunately, men are now using their privilege to toss the gender expectation for women to be hairless.

Hair removal can do some severe damage. As most women remain hairless, they suffer bumps, rashes, infections, and even discoloration. Waving can undeniably have long-term and painful effects. In all, there’s nothing like feeling comfortable without having to trade your health for some commercialized beauty standards.

@hairywombman #bodyhair #negativecommentsmovealong #married #fyp #bodyhairpositivity #bodyhairisnatural #bodyhairdontcare #bodyhaironwomen #bodylove ♬ Body Hair – shonda

@hairywombman recently fought against the belief that if a woman doesn’t shave, then nobody would want her. Through one of her numerous TikTok, they insisted: “I’m married to my high school sweethearts, and he adores my body hair just as much I do.”

@hairywombman Why don’t I shave?🤔 #fyp #noshaving #norazors #bodyhair #bodyhairpositivity #bodyhairisnatural #bodyhaironwomen #bodyhairsempai ♬ original sound – Shonda

Brands are beginning to take significant risks on body hair. UK-based razor brand Sunny had written in their tagline: “To shave or not to shave, it’s no biggie, is it? Prickly or smooth, it won’t change the world.” However, Billie, a shaving company, was the first to show photos of women with untamed hair on their legs, underarms, and inner thighs. 

@nataliamuchova Guess what? I have hairy legs too! 👩🏻🤙🏻 #viralvideo #bodyhair #bodyhairisnatural #bodyhairdoesnotdefinegender ♬ original sound – Natalia Muchova

Just when supermodel Ashley Graham flaunted hairy underarms online, it instantly scored her a partnership with a razor brand Harry’s. In response, Graham shared a video to TikTok laughing at headlines about it while sticking it out to the haters who assume beauty companies would only show clean-shaven women. 

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A post shared by Bethany 💋 Bx Sassy (@bxsassy)

 Bethany Burgoyne is often told she looks like a man. But despite the hateful remarks, the 30-Year-Old has embraced her body hair ditching the razor since 2018. She’s proud of it and has even permitted other body areas to grow, including her bikini, chin, and stomach.

Joanna Kenny is among the voice reminding women that facial hair is NORMAL. She had insisted: “Choosing not to remove my facial hair doesn’t make me or any other woman ugly.” She hopes her Instagram photo inspires as many as possible to embrace who they are. 

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