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Girls Showing Off Their Monobrow For Body Positivity Trend


Girls Showing Off Their Monobrow For Body Positivity Trend

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of hair, is there?

There’s nothing prettier than a smiling, happy woman, don’t you think? Women aren’t letting the standard of two separate eyebrows stop them from staying genuine. The #UnibrowMovement hashtag has been trending on Instagram as women stopped shaving their monobrow.

These 20 women are just a few out of so many who found beauty in one thing about themselves that doesn’t need changing. The beauty standards don’t define them – they define it!

In several countries, the unibrow is actually considered attractive.

In fact, women from countries such as Oman would deliberately draw a line in the middle to fake their monobrow.

The New York Times shared that many cultures considered it as “a sign of good luck, and for men, a signifier of virility and fertility.”

French accessory designer, Abraham Ortuno, said, “I’ve never been embarrassed by them … I don’t get it when someone has designed eyebrows.”

Heavily modifying eyebrows with makeup could be seen in history from as far as 3000 BC.

But it was during the Medieval time when women would heavily pluck their eyebrows bald!

Post-1900s, many women were choosing to pluck their eyebrows, albeit not to the point of balding, but into really thin lines.

After that, the beauty standards continue to change, with celebrities and prominent celebrities being the pioneer in the trend changes.

And that’s how we now have the “bold brow” look where women are taking their hands off the tweezers!

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