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Instagram Star Praised For An Honest Body Positive Post And Opening About Insecurities


Instagram Star Praised For An Honest Body Positive Post And Opening About Insecurities

Your armpit fat is nothing to be ashamed of.

Phoebe Sophia has opened up on some insecurities issues she’s had with her body in the past. Before this, this influencer talks about her third and fourth breasts, which is her nickname for her little armpit pockets. She had been self-conscious of them but has now grown to love them. 

Let’s talk third and fourth b**bs,” Phoebe, who shared a stunning photo displaying her curves in an embroidered gold corset, said via Instagram.


The beauty complimented the ensemble [pictured] with glowing makeup as she wore her hair in tight curls. 


The Manchester-based added: “One of my insecurities have always been my Lil armpit pockets. I’ve always had them. Even when I was much slimmer and lighter, they were there. But as the rest of me has grown. So have they. When my little sister asked me what those things were under my arms, pointing at them, I worried on how to answer.”

“I like to express to my sisters that I love my body, all of it. Even if I don’t, so that way don’t learn to start doubting themselves.”


After a bit of panic and scanning through her brain for the proper term, Phoebe claimed she had told her sister they were her third and fourth breasts. As expected, her sister giggled and again questioned why she didn’t just have two boobies like normal people. “I told her, ‘God gave me big boobies, and there wasn’t enough room in these two, so he had to create two extra small ones to put the rest, and loads of normal people have third and fourth boobies.”

“She thought this was amazing. She was blown away.”


Phoebe further stated that she laughed at how much it astonished her sister, and just like that, by putting a fun little spin on her insecurity, she also began to see it in a completely different light. As a result, she changed her thought process around them. Equally, her little sister didn’t the armpit fat as something to be ashamed of or unflattering; she loves them. 

The Instagram Star insisted her sister sees them as unique, and that’s precisely how she should see them and actually thinks Phoebe is cool because of them.

“Even though I have now planted in my younger sister’s head that I could potentially breastfeed four babies at once. I will forever treasure that moment I took the first step in loving my third and fourth breast.” Phoebe’s audience loved the post and even applauded her for speaking out. One person who resonated with her struggle shared they’ve always had Lil’s breasts but have never heard anyone talk about them. 

Someone else chimed they didn’t realize how badly they needed to find and read Phoebe’s post, adding that they’ve always been very large breasted, and this is such a fun and beautiful way to see them. However, many couldn’t hold back that Phoebe is very beautiful. 

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