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Model Who Only Shaves Her Armpit Twice A Year Says It Makes Her Feel ‘Confident’


Model Who Only Shaves Her Armpit Twice A Year Says It Makes Her Feel ‘Confident’

The bush has been making her feel “free and secure”.

Nikki Serenity, 24, is a model who started, or to be more accurate stopped, shaving her armpit hair on a whim. She is now a model who is often praised for embracing her body and showing her body hair in her pictures. She’s also stopped shaving completely for well over five years now.

“Initially, I decided to grow my armpit hair after seeing other models participate in no shave November,” she talked about the first time she let her armpit hair grow.

Then 19, the model from St. Louis, Missouri, said, “I just thought they looked so beautiful and confident so I wanted to get involved.”

“I assumed it would be a one-off for me but I fell in love with it. I instantly felt more attractive and confident. Now, I very rarely shave my armpits and legs.”

Her new approach to a woman’s beauty standard was not welcomed by everyone, naturally. Like most who binned the razor, she often receives comments about how “disgusting” her armpit hair is, but she couldn’t care less.

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Since letting them grow more often, she’s felt “so free and secure” about her own body. She added, “I love allowing my body do what it is naturally supposed to do.”

At the same time, this means that there are brands who don’t want to employ her when she’s not cleanly shaven. But she is still hired and has actually appeared in 55 magazines. Nikki shared, “I have lost some jobs or had delays as they would prefer to wait for me to shave which I do – a couple times a year.”

“But I haven’t had any major losses and I have been featured in magazines with my body hair. To this day I’ve been in at least 55 magazines, some of which show my body hair.”

Nikki now shaves on twice a year in order to fulfill offers from brands that want to see her cleanly shaven. But she’s never going back to keeping her body completely hairless anymore.

“I couldn’t imagine being permanently shaven again,” said the model.

She’s also been encouraging other women to do the same, “I think the world is used to women being shaved and I think they are scared of what others will think. I have heard some girls say it’s not comfortable for them to be hairy but after the first time, it is fine.”

“I encourage others to experience it at least once to see if they get the confidence boost that I got.”

An even more shocking revelation was how she’s been making dollars from selling pictures of her armpit! Nikki said, “I do receive a lot of inappropriate messages from strangers who have a fetish. I have been known to sell simple, fun selfies revealing my armpit hair for a couple of dollars at a time.”

“But this isn’t something I do often as they are often looking for nude photos, which I take no part in.”

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