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Ashley Graham Flaunts Armpit Hair In Stunning New Pictures

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Ashley Graham Flaunts Armpit Hair In Stunning New Pictures

Have you ditched the razor?

An uncommon trend seems to be the talk of the internet. It’s hinged on celebrities flaunting their armpit hair on Instagram, ditching societal expectations of body and physical beauty. One celeb who has been keen on this movement is Ashley Graham.

The model is always in the news for displaying ‘private businesses on air, and she isn’t stopping soon.

It’s pretty wild, yet Graham regularly shows off her body hair, especially the armpit hair, without feeling ashamed. Could this be a clarion call to all women to liberally showcase their armpit hair? One might be surprised that our highly esteemed celebs do have armpit hairs, as it’s rare to catch them off guard in that regard. 

But thankfully, women are now unreservedly pulling out from the notion that keeps them shaving for years. 

Notably, women don’t want to be told how to keep their furs anymore. Beauty queen, Graham, has made it very clear she’s no longer into conventional style in the photos she posted, alongside the tag “like a glove.” She no doubt decided to let the little bush fallow. Expectedly, fans didn’t hesitate to leave comments as it was a wake-up call.

One commented: “Are you bringing back armpit hair? Absolutely gorgeous!” Another said: “Queen of curves and queen of armpit hair.”

However, there appeared to be some trolling as a third said: “Shave your pits.” This fan seemed disgusted by her appearance, but they didn’t go without a reply as fans of the celeb came pouncing. In defense of Graham, one replied: “Shave your attitude,” and another stated: “Grow a better beard.” This isn’t the first time the model has gone public with her armpit hair on Instagram. 

She had in November, posted a selfie of herself taking a bath while revealing the goodness of her body.

If celebrities are in it, it has officially become a trend. At the 2021 Grammy, celebrity singer Julia Michael flaunted her unshaven armpit hair on the red carpet. Another advocate for the ‘campaign’ never to be forgotten is Madonna when she said, “ROCK THE ARMPIT HAIR!” 

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It’s amusing how famous celebs are at the forefront, motivating ladies to embrace themselves.

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