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M&S Features ‘Normal’ Model With Stomach Rolls And People Love It


M&S Features ‘Normal’ Model With Stomach Rolls And People Love It

We absolutely love how stunning she looks without the edits.

High street retailer brand Marks & Spencer is always up with their game when it comes to inclusivity. People praised some of their latest posts that feature women with “normal” and “real” bodies posing for their lingerie collection.

The model is Megan Carole, a YouTube content creator and aspiring actress.

M&S promotes their lingerie set with her picture and wrote, “Self-love is the best type of love this Valentine’s Day.”

It appeared to be something a lot of people could get behind with. One happy fan wrote, “Love this photo. She looks amazing.”

“Stunning pictures. Self-love is the hardest to obtain but the most important. You’ve got it loads,” wrote another impressed fan.

Another praised how natural the model looked without so much editing nor makeup, “Lovely to see a body that hasn’t been airbrushed.”

Another wrote, “Stunning, at last, a real person.”

Megan herself has also shared the post to promote the brand on her own page and wrote, “LOVE YOURSELF FIRST.”

Megan was wearing the bra and knickers from the Silk & Lace Underwired Minimiser style. Her caption continued, “The month of a whole lot of loving! TO ME, LOVE ME!”

Megan had also modeled their set of red lingerie the previous year!

But she wasn’t the only one! Sophie Edwards was another model featured on their post to promote their embroidered, plunged bra and high leg knickers in the same week!

And our reaction was summed up perfectly well with this comment: Nice time see normal-looking models. That’s exactly what we want.

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