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Influencer Slammed Over ‘Inappropriate’ Video With Stepdad In Speedos


Influencer Slammed Over ‘Inappropriate’ Video With Stepdad In Speedos

The video has brought unwanted attention to her family.

She’s known to promote body positivity by sharing real photos of her body on Instagram but this time around, 32-year-old Karina Irby has been heavily slammed instead of being praised over her recent post: a bikini dance video with her stepdad, Phil, while he was preparing food in the kitchen. 

The Brisbane-based was thrusting her hips and swinging her arms to Britney Spears’ popular song ‘Work B*tch” while dressed in a sexy matching bikini.


The dance has been dubbed ‘inappropriate, with some stating it was a stupid post while others branded the video captioned, “Introducing my stepdad to my TikTok.” “Do you think he approves?” as disturbing. Someone wrote: “People do anything just for content.” A second added: “A lot going on here, and I’m not sure where to begin.” 

In the video, Phil, dressed in a black Speedo swim brief, had turned back and looked at Irby in awe, asking: “What are you doing?”

@karinairby Introducing my step Dad to my Tiktok… Do you think he approves? 😅 #christmas #familychristmas #britneyspears ♬ Work Bitch – Britney Spears

The comments went on as a third said: “I’m a little confused and a bit grossed out, to be honest.” However, Irby has reportedly apologized to her stepdad for the unwanted attention from an innocent TikTok and responded to people who called the clip “disturbing,” stating: “Guys, it’s a hot, Australian Christmas.” “Our family spent it by the pool, hence the swimwear.” 

Irby claimed she and Phil have a good sense of humor and always like to do stupid things to make others laugh and get a reaction. 

She concluded: This is purely all this video is.” A reaction. People seriously need to lighten up, stop projecting their issues, educate themselves on what a typical Australian Christmas involves and stop creating a fake reality in their minds. What’s your take.” Reacting, some of her followers appreciated her for spreading positive energy. 


Others urged that people need to stop s*xualizing every situation and understand that just because something is wrong for them, doesn’t mean it’s wrong for others. 

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