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Russian Teacher Sacked After Her ‘Inappropriate’ Video Went Viral


Russian Teacher Sacked After Her ‘Inappropriate’ Video Went Viral

Her “freedom of expression” has stepped on “our freedom.”

Viktoria Kashirina was a Russian teacher who went under fire after posting a provocative video on her social media. The 23-year-old’s striptease video eventually got her fired after parents were filing complaints about her social media content.

Viktoria Kashirina/east2west news

“My daughter watches this, and you are clearly gaining kudos – but not as a teacher,” wrote one parent.

Viktoria Kashirina/east2west news

The video began with her entering the room and taking off her coat. She moved slowly and seductively over to her bed, occasionally stopping and touching herself as she took off her outer layers.

She was in black lingerie paired with black sheer stockings.

Viktoria Kashirina/east2west news

The parent complained, “Please do not post such explicit videos, or close [ your social media].”

However, the teacher has denied ever doing anything wrong, commenting back that the videos were never meant for the students. She spoke to Komsomolskaya Pravda, “I have been pole dancing for several years and dreamed of making a video for a long time.”

“This student’s mother demanded I close the account. I refused and instead blocked both the daughter and the mother. But it was already too late.”

“My school director wrote and demanded I remove the video as it was spreading like wildfire among the parents.”

She had also gone to call out to the parents that the “provocative content” was because her parent hadn’t been paying attention to their daughter’s browsing activities.

Viktoria Kashirina/east2west news

The director continued to comment, “You have caused a storm, and we need to react. I myself have two children, and I understand how these parents feel.”

“If you want to prove yourself (as an erotic dancer), we have the right not to follow this path. You are fired.”

Viktoria Kashirina/east2west news

The school director added, “This is an excellent occasion to convey to all parents the moral principles that we adhere to.”

But sources were claiming that Viktoria was seen still teaching her classes after the supposed firing. She added that she won’t stay still if she’s confirmed to be fired as social media restrictions were not part of the contract she signed when she started working there, and it serves as a hinder to her private life.

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