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‘I Love Cheating On My BF At Christmas – Santa Gets Me In The Mood’


‘I Love Cheating On My BF At Christmas – Santa Gets Me In The Mood’

December is considered the sexiest month of the year!

Suzy, a travel agent, has revealed she goes on the lurk after a booze-fueled night out with her girls and finds the festive period [Christmas] gets her in the mood to be unfaithful more so than any other time in the year. In 2020, the Solihull-based had to contain herself due to COVID-19 restriction, but she’s letting it all loose this time around even though she has a boyfriend. 

Suzy of Solihull has revealed how she loves to have one-night stands after nights out with the girls at Christmas.

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“Santa brings out the devil in me, and I always have one-night stands at Christmas. You are out with all the girls and go looking for fun after a few drinks. Obviously, last year was a write-off, but I have been making up for lost time this year, and I have already had two flings.” Suzy, according to The Mirror, explained. 

The travel agent who claims Xmas brings out a naughty side of her goes looking for s*x once she’s boozed.

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Among her conquests this year includes a mechanic whom she met at a club and a guy who wooed her with his Karaoke rendition of Unchained Melody. She added: “He had such a good voice; he could have been a pop star. My boyfriend is lovely, but he knows I can be a bit dangerous when I have had a few drinks.” 

Due to the pandemic, 2020 was a write-off, but she has been making up for lost time this year.

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Interestingly, Suzy had, during the pandemic in December, looked for ways to cheat on her BF. She reportedly logged onto and facilitated her cheating affairs. “I have always been highly s**ed, and the thought of staying with just one man for the rest of my life is boring. Most of my boyfriends have known this. We have either had an open relationship, or they have turned a blind eye to my cheating because they know what I am like.” 

So far, Suzy already has two flings – one is a mechanic she met at a club.

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“My current fella is lovely, but he knows I have got a wandering eye. He was aware that I had a couple of flings with the dating site over the summer. The first was with a nightclub owner who loves having affairs. We had a lot of fun, and the second was with a fella who works in insurance. His wife had gone off s*x.”

However, she isn’t ruling out more flings in December – the sexiest month, according to IllicitEncounters.

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However, the website’s research opines that December is the sexiest month of the year. Three-quarters of couples, about 74%, claimed they had more s*x over the festive holidays because they are more likely to party together. The main reason people get more randy is booze, with 77% of couples saying they’re more likely to get it on after drinking.

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