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30 Red Signs Of Relationships That Have Long Ended Before They Called It


30 Red Signs Of Relationships That Have Long Ended Before They Called It

“It’s not hate – it’s the indifference.”

Finding the right person to have a lifetime relationship with is more than just finding them. It’s something that you have to work on, and even when you’ve put in your everything, things can still fall apart. Those who’ve watched theirs end shared the signs they’ve personally experienced to relationships that are already long over.

For some people, the end of a relationship was a release. But for others, they start having doubts if they’ll ever have a chance at feeling excited about love again. Persisting on one that doesn’t send your heart racing and butterflies in your stomach isn’t a logical solution either. It’s, at least, one less burden in your life.



“When you turn the corner driving home, and feel disappointment when you see her car in the driveway – because you know the minute you step in the door she’s going to start crapping on you again.”lucky_ducker


“If you find that you can only relax and be yourself when they aren’t around, crushing you with the weight of their silent judgment and disapproval, it’s way past the expiration date.”downhereforyoursoul


“Contempt. I took a marriage, and family course in college, and their professor said that’s one of the biggest signs things are going to/should end. And I’ve 100% been there.”tldrjane


“When you no longer care if they ate something all day or not.”InquisitiveMD

Kevin Marsh

“When you come home after work, and no one is home, and 90% of everything in the house is gone. (Happened twice)”GokuRocks1

Hernán Piñera

“You’ve bottled your real feelings up so much that now everything they do or say fills you with contempt lol. Oops.”breakfastinthemornin

Garry Knight

“Several, but off the top of my head… The sight of them does nothing for you. Getting a text or phone call from them elicits an eye roll. You try to avoid them. You cannot hold a conversation with them because everything they say is irritating. You really could not care less about their day or anything they have to say to you. You find yourself fantasizing about a life without them… and it makes you smile. You know, just to name a few.”PurpleVein99


“When you can’t make yourself trust them again no matter how hard you try.”rebelliousarms

Jacek Becela

“I begged my boss to send me on business trips.”Taney34


“When everything about your life is being controlled down to the tiny details.”CarlosTheBoss

“You no longer like the way your SO smells.”GenJonesMom

Ivan Wang

“You’re both cheating on each other with the same person.”Reddit

Susanne Nilsson

“When either of you whips out your phone constantly when together. Can’t hold a moment of comfortable silence to appreciate you both being in each other’s presence.”PassiveBrandon


“You have something big happen and they are not the first person you call.

I had a car accident at like 5 am and didn’t even bother calling my now ex, he was useless and I called the people that mattered.”

“When you go to AskReddit to see if sexting is considered cheating.”onidels


“When spending time is something you have to give effort to actively think about and plan out as opposed to something you look forward to and excitedly long for. I know that’s what it was for me: she became a block in my schedule instead of the reason my schedule existed.”maleorderbride

Jason Ippolito

“When you realize you don’t wish the best for her/him…you don’t wish her/him any harm either…just disinterested in building something better together.”cohenian-rhapsody

Gareth Williams

“When you stop seeing a future with them.”SixFeetBlunder


“When you catch yourself lying often. When you’re hiding who you are around them because you don’t want to fight or disappoint them. Oh, and when you won’t f**k each other anymore.”I_hate_traveling

Sirenz Lorraine

“‘(S)He is just a friend, you don’t have to worry about them’ -> spends more time with friend than partner.
(might sound lame because of the memes, but my almost 6 years SO cheated on me and now is dating the ‘friend’).”

“You used to think their little quirks and habits were adorable, Now they are just annoying AF.”JustAnotherMaineGirl


“When you notice that your partner doesn’t miss you (or vice versa) after being separated for a while. If you’ve been apart for a couple of weeks or longer and your partner still feels no particular urgency to see you or talk to you, then the relationship is dead.”RurouniKarly


“When the thought of being near/around them gives you anxiety. Not the normal “I hope I don’t look like a fool around them” anxiety, but that deep, instinctual fight or flight sense of dread.”TourmalineDreams

Mussi Katz

“When you discover irreconcilable differences. Relationships take a lot of work- there will be times when you don’t want to be together, or when you’re not sexually in sync, or whatever. Those things need to be worked through and your relationship will be stronger for it. The red flag I would watch out for is inherent differences in morality, beliefs, that kind of thing.”Reddit


“When you’re physically in the same room, but it feels as though the other person isn’t there – that their thoughts and emotions are somewhere else.”Back2Bach

Franco Dal Molin

“There’s a voice in your head that says “You know it’s over.” Every time my relationship has been ending I have had this happen. Sometimes you fight it, sometimes you don’t. But the voice is always right in the end.”DJ_DD


“When someone says your SO’s name and you give a sigh or a grimaced look on your face.”llcucf80


“From personal experience, the biggest indicator is when tensions should be high, you should be upset or arguing, but you just don’t care anymore.”ThunderPantsDance


“When texting them becomes a chore instead of something that makes you happy.”borjansen


“When all you can think about is how different you are. When you’re lying or making excuses to not be with them. When they go on a Spring Break trip and screw a guy she went to high school with repeatedly for a week.”Reddit

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