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Mom Ordered To Pay Cheating Husband $7500 Gets Last Laugh With Help From The Bank


Mom Ordered To Pay Cheating Husband $7500 Gets Last Laugh With Help From The Bank

She is going to make this one good revenge!

It was already horrible to find out that your husband has been cheating with your friend who sat down and had a meal with your kids. It got even more horrible to think about the divorce proceedings and everything just seemed to be so against you when you are the one who had to compensate.

The court demands she pays him $7,500 before she gets to walk away from the broken relationship. But the court never stated how.

Brandi wanted to make sure her $7,500 is paid in the best way ever.

She took it to Facebook to share how she exacted her revenge. She was not just left with two kids, but also two farms to tend. So, she went to the bank.

She ended up with 350 lbs worth of coins that lovely ladies from the bank were willing to help with and even provided her with a payment plan.

The dimes came in boxes, but her ex-husband now has to roll up the dimes manually if he wants to lodge them. Thanks to this, the guy will have enough time to reflect on his actions and think of the hardships single mum Brandi has to face while he just casually walks away from responsibility.

She also added, “I just wanted to prove a point that you probably should watch p**sing off a redhead and that whatever lucky gal he ends up with next… he thinks with the right head this time.”

She has even jokingly started a fundraising campaign on the $7,500 that was added to the fact that she was wronged.

Everyone was praising her for being such a genius at getting back at her ex. She could have done a lot of worse things, but this was the most regal way because the law made that she had to pay her cheating husband, but the law also made it that he has to roll up 350 lbs worth of dimes.

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