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Woman Living With Disorder That Caused Her To Cheat On 3 Boyfriends


Woman Living With Disorder That Caused Her To Cheat On 3 Boyfriends

Lacks empathy, remorse, or guilt!

Kanika Batra, the Miss World Australia finalist, has a narcissistic personality disorder, a condition she claims gives her impulsive urges, unstable moods, and feelings of emptiness. This condition has left the 26-Year-Old reliant on others to maintain her self-esteem while not producing internal validation. 

Kanika Batra is unable to validate herself internally and relies on affirmation from other people.

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Batra, a beauty queen, heavily relies on people. As such, her Instagram followers of 180K ensure to boost her sense of self-worth but naturally goes into a very dark place when these external sources of affirmation go off. “When I get positive comments, it’s wonderful, and I do feel them – but they don’t tend to stay with me. They are very fleeting.” Batra told SBS Insight

The lack of affirmation from people causes her to fall into a ‘very, very dark place.

She added: “However, if I do start getting insults, those do hurt more than I could possibly explain. I have irrational reactions sometimes when I feel the narcissistic supply draining – I’m so used to external validation that I don’t know how to produce internal validation.”

“When I get positive comments, it’s wonderful, and I do feel them – but they don’t tend to stay,” Barta said.

via kanikabatra/Instagram

The Miss World Australia finalist was also diagnosed with ASPD, which means she lacks empathy and guilt.

via kanikabatra/Instagram

Batra explained that she’s so hot-tempered and sometimes does reckless, impulsive things like spending all her money. The Sydney model who has written a psychological thriller also claimed lacks remorse, guilt, empathy and often goes into rage spirals when someone or something offends her. 

Batra’s condition has wrecked previous relationships, with her cheating on several partners.

In a YouTube interview, Batra, engaged to her boyfriend Sam, shared she has cheated in three relationships because she didn’t feel the guilt of betrayal. But after meeting with a psychiatrist, Batra said she managed to unlearn the behavior and became more self-aware, which has changed how she sees both herself and her fiancé. 

After seeing a psychiatrist, Batra, engaged to BF, Sam, says she has been able to unlearn the cheating behavior.

“The main difference is that now I do respect my partner. I do understand that his needs need to be met as well as my own.” Batra had said.

However, the beauty queen stated that she can still be quite vengeful and show her mean streak to anyone who hurts her. When it comes to positive emotions, Batra said it’s rare that she feels delighted while she had to physically teach herself to blink because her tendency to lock eye contact unnerved those around her. 

However, Barta and others who have ASPD are prone to ‘love bombing’ during the early stages of a relationship.

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