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Guy Stops Drinking Alcohol And Shows How Much Sobriety Changed Him In 3 Years


Guy Stops Drinking Alcohol And Shows How Much Sobriety Changed Him In 3 Years

It’s obviously worth the journey!

Letting go of some bad habits and vices can really result in living a healthier and happier life. While the changes might not be seen almost immediately, over time it becomes apparent to others and to oneself.

Giving up alcohol can be totally challenging, but one way to keep one motivated is to document the observed changes and look side by side at the photos taken before and after the decision was made.

A man has, however, made a phrase ‘One day at a time’ fighting through with stopping alcohol and documenting his journey through sobriety. In the past 3-Years, Kenny D has taken pictures of himself when he quit alcohol at a key stage.

The changes Kenny witnessed in the first month were huge and he was almost unrecognizable in the concluding pictures. Kenny had started by taking photos of himself on the day he got his first sobriety coin- 24 hours sober. He felt sick and appeared bad. But on the day he got his 30-day coin, he observed he had changed drastically.

Kenny felt awful with his first photo and was sober for three years

But in one month, Kenny appeared to feel much better

He started exercising and fixed his diet

And Every time he gets a new AA sobriety chip, Kenny takes a photo

‘I love showing my family and friends by photos side by side to tell the difference. Of course, they were quite skeptical because I had spent years tormenting them every time I was drunk. So, for the first year, I kept them to myself, but takes selfies each time I get a coin.’ Kenny, 37, a railroad engineer in the American Pacific Northwest explained.

He apparently fought how much drinking alcohol had affected him

Earlier, he couldn’t control himself when it comes to alcohol

He takes 12-24 drinks every night

As well as losing consciousness 3 to 4 nights each time he drinks

Kenny was officially three years sober on November 2nd

Here’s How People Reacted To Kenny’s Journey

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