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9 Habits To Adopt If You Want To Look Smarter Than Your Peers

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9 Habits To Adopt If You Want To Look Smarter Than Your Peers

Some situations in life require a person to trick other people and look way smarter than they think. Not for the wrong reasons though, for instance, you may have to make a presentation to the class or office and even though public speaking may not be your thing, you may adopt any of these methods to make your presentation flawless and capture your colleague’s admiration.

1.       Make use of your middle name

This may unknowingly make you look smart as compared to people who use their first or last names.

Psychologically, your listeners have increased expectations from you in terms of better performance and more wisdom. It transforms how the other person perceives you.

2.       Have faith in yourself

Self-confidence is very important to anyone. Some people are good at reading emotions and if they feel a positive connection to how you handle yourself as human, it increases their trust in you.

In a world filled with uncertainties, If you look sure of yourself, many people will look unto you for advice.

3.       Be expressive about your thoughts

Don’t be overly vocal in all matters. Speak about the things you are greatly knowledgable about. Others will soon see the passion smoldering in you and might be drawn to your aura. However, check your volume and speed while speaking, if you are too loud, it might get people annoyed.

4.       Eye contact is established to win someone over

Look the other person straight in the eyes to make sure they give you their undivided attention. In case they feel overwhelmed by you, it’s a good sign because they will now remember your words more vividly.

5.       Don’t hold drinks

People who tend to be chilled and don’t hold on to secondary items while making conversation are more highlighted than the ones who hold things out of a habit. Perhaps that’s why it’s better to lay off alcohol if you want to make a lasting impression.

6.       Use simple words

Simple words are just as effective as the mouthful of words in the dictionary. Moreso, this is impressive if you are addressing a large crowd rather than a small niche of listeners. Not many people take a liking for fancy language. Throw in a little bit of humor in an informal language and you would have captured everyone’s liking.

7.       Dress for the job you want, bit for the one you have

The way you dress makes people see your worth more clear. People will choose to listen o you depending on how they perceive you. Wearing less revealing clothes makes your conversation the point of interest.

8.       Don’t try to outrun the crowd

The desperate attitude of a crowd can change their focus from what you are trying to communicate and make you seem like a fool. Rather than outrunning them, blend in and shine away, it is always charming and effective.

9.       Wear glasses

People tend to associate glasses with higher intelligence. While science has its own explanations, it might be a desperate thing to do.

There are some fake glasses that can be worn as accessories, if it can help your case, then why not wear them?

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