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Couples Engaged in Exciting Activities Can Enhance Romance


Couples Engaged in Exciting Activities Can Enhance Romance

Doesn’t have to be flowers and dinner all the time!

How can couples enhance their romantic relationships? John M. Malouff decided to test out what kind of experience that adults declare to have kept their relationship exciting. Among 103 adults who gave their answers, a model could be made to understand the responses better.

The activities could be compiled as “exciting activities that are passionate, adventurous, playful, sexual, spontaneous, and romantic, along with three relationship-maintaining activities: communicating effectively, joint activities, and autonomy.”

Another similar study with 104 participants also showed similar results in terms of exciting activities and satisfaction that help contribute to relationship maintenance.

Find a thrilling movie

Credit: JESHOOTS.COM/Pexels

Finding excitement doesn’t mean that both of you have to plan for an extreme sports and sign some consent paper just to maintain a healthy relationship. Quality time together at the movies is actually good enough.

Brett Cohen et al.’s study from 1989 tried to analyze the different influence various genres have towards human affiliation. Turns out, thriller and arousing themes result in couples engaging in more conversation and touching afterward. The arousing movie was “52 Pickup” that contains violence, nudity, and murder. In stark comparison, “True Stories” is a documentary that lacks R18 content such as nudity and violence.

Roller-coaster rides might improve your dating chances

Credit: Stas Knop/Pexels

Another way that excitement can improve relationships and keeping things well and good between you two is to head for the roller-coaster. Under the consideration that none of have cardiovascular issues or anxiety, roller-coaster is an effective ride that improve your dating experience.

Cindy M. Meston and Penny F. Frohlich gathers responses from people who are either queuing or have just finished the ride. Willing participants gave answers as to their willingness to date among individual opposite-sex of roughly average attractiveness. They are also asked to rate the attractiveness of their roller-coaster seatmate.

Those who sit with non-romantic partners showed higher desirability after the ride. Those who sit with their romantically interested partners showed no different after the ride. And maybe this is quite a turn-off for some.

Some believe it’s because partners show fear and comes down with messy hair (and maybe even look!). Others think it’s because they are established couples and are possibly worried about the rating. As opposed to movies which don’t put viewers on adrenaline rush or freight as intense as roller-coasters.

Excitement helps!

Some couples do not really like highly-intense sports or horror movies, but there are many ways you can do to be excited. For example, co-op gaming with intense atmosphere can bring similar feeling. You also have a wide-range of thrillers that do not necessary involved graphic violence. Taking a walk through the haunted house might also work!

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